Going Sony PS4 Community

Question: Do we have one yet?

I don't know if there's a GoingSony community specifically, but one was just made for GoNintendo by a long-time fan. Interested in making one? Let me know if you need any official assets or anything!

I went ahead and made it. Looks like the only things I would need are a logo (1000x1000) and a background image(1920x1080). Right now, all I have are placeholders from my screenshot folder. (But Zombie Meido is pretty adorable.)

I am going to PM you with a link to some assets; the background images/wallpapers are from our ancient (7.5 years ago) site and brand identity, but the square icon bit is current. Some GN stuff in there too.

It is done. Unfortunately, there is not yet a way to search directly for the community.

Though, if you search my PSN ID, PsymeRecker, then you should be able to reach it through my profile page.

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