The GoingSony "What Are You Playing?" Thread

No gaming forum is really complete without one of these threads, so I figured to add it!
(I decided to put it here in "Random Time!", since it shouldn't really be specific to either the Consoles or Portables sections.)

Anyways... what game(s) have YOU been playing?

Me, I've been playing a good bit of Catherine lately. Quite a unique one this is... I've never played, and doubt I'll ever play another game even REMOTELY like it! (Unless they come out with a sequel, lol.)

It's an interesting quasi-platforming push/pull/climb block-based puzzle type game wrapped in a mature plot centered around faithfulness/infidelity. So yeah... pretty dang unique.

Anyways, finished my first playthrough the other night, for only one of the bajillion endings in the game. It's supposed to be a pretty tough game to plat too... gonna go for it though! :D

Last night i started and finished God of War 3 Remastered and then dived into RE Revelations 2. So far Revelations 2 is pretty good, it reminds me of a lot of classic survival horror games. Redbox always gets me with these cheap rental games, I can't resist.

Tue Sep 04 18 03:56pm
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I've been playing the Heavy Rain remaster on PlayStation 4. I had previously beaten the game on PlayStation 3 when it first released, but enough time had passed that I didn't remember anything about the story, so it feels like I'm playing it for the first time again.

Is this place officially dead now?
I've been playing Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. The best 3D platformer I've played in years, and certainly the best of this console gen (step aside, Mario Odyssey).

Sat Oct 17 20 03:54pm
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Been playing cold steel iii to prep for a review of it, and to jump into 4 later. But yeah this site went dormant last I looked

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