Freedom Wars

So I recently bought Freedom Wars, during the crazy flash sale on the PS store. I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed. Granted I haven't played much, but the level of customization on your character, the premise, and the gameplay make it a ton of fun. Has anyone else delved into this game? What are some of your opinions about it?

I'm fairly far into it and I absolutely love it. Hint learn how to manage weapon upgrade facilities very early. I thought "oh I don't need this the weapons I have work fine" now I'm in fights that I do so little damage my time limit runs out before I can kill everything I'm supposed to. Upgrade early and upgrade often.

I finished Freedom Wars a couple of weeks back (well, main campaign, there's stuff to do afterwards but I had burned out).

Upgrade often, grind if you can, and that final boss is miserable :-) especially since you have to go through three boss stages after you inevitably die.

I ended up having to sell every resource I had been hoarding, spent all of it on leveling up my comrades, got very familiar with the flash grenades I hadn't really bothered with before, and I barely squeaked out a victory.

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