What's the story behind your username?

Give all the juicy details.

Well, contrary to what you might think, I'm not actually fat. My username is my old roommate's cat's (old) nickname, as he used to be a pretty hefty kitty:

Because I love this cat (and the nickname) so much, I've long since adopted both of them as my own. ;)

Mine was originally planned to be "GoldenBoy_Kintaro" at one of the first BBS I ever joined. There was a character limit, so I shortened it to "Golden_Kintaro."

Well, of course, other users just shortened it to "GK" or endearingly called me "Goldy," so when I began using IRC(10 years ago, now that I think about it.), being that a name like "Goldy" could have already have been taken, I opted to combine both and get "GoldyK."

Goldyk That's pretty cool!

Fatty_ I also have a fat and sassy cat that's an awesome story lol.

My name was actually my original runescape name (first online game I ever signed up for) every name I came up with was already taken and I just kept trying. At some point I decided to combine Bomberman with a name from a book a recently read (the dark lord of Derkohlymn) and came out with bomblord.

My username is a long adaptation of several usernames over the years. I started out using Virus for everything back in the early 2000's. No one.... NO ONE used that name for who knows what reason. Eventually people started to use it as well. Changed it into Virus66. Eventually people used that too. Changed it to JVirus (because my name starts with a J), then JVirus66. Then later JVir to try to shorten it, then JVir66 when people started using that. I eventually got sick of it so I decided to phoneticize the JVir into an actual name.

It's been about 6 years now and no one else uses Jayvir. Kinda surprised.

I was a member of AOL back in the mid-90s; back when you paid fifteen bucks per month for like 5 hours of dial-up service. Anyway, their usernames were alphanumeric, and a maximum of 10 digits. I had a number of friends and contacts on the service, but at one point, I wanted some anonymity, especially to screw with them a bit (keep in mind I was like 16-17 years old then). I thought a silly name would be best, but since I couldn't fit all the letters of "court jester" into their limited space, I had to shorten it somehow. First went the U, then the space, and since I was misspelling things, I changed the S to a Z.

After I had my fun on AOL, I sort of left the name dormant for most of a decade until I started making a name for myself online and needed a handle. That seemed the likely candidate. That's it; the rest is hiztory!

That's pretty cool as well. So what your saying is you're internet famous lol :P

Internet famous? Lol. If only. I have been recognized a few times in real life though from fans of the site, if that's worth anything (hint: it's worth exactly $0).

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