Lgndary Thoughts

(Does the E being left out bother anyone else)

I enjoy reading your stuff Hero and I said I would think about possible topics so I have. I have decided... I want to see you do a game review in one of your thoughts. Preferably something more niche.

That's it does anyone else have any ideas for Lgndary thoughts?

I much prefer the casual "What are you playing?" thoughts... which I think we've only ever had one of. It's a whole lot easier for me to put forth the energy to share an answer to a simple question than drum up an opinion on a very specific subject that I sometimes don't have much interest (or oftentimes don't have a very strong opinion) in.

So would you be interested in having a "what are you playing?" type thought more often? I try to keep the thoughts as unique as possible, but I would love to do thoughts like that every now and then if the community wanted that.

I'd be totally down for more "Whatcha playing"-type thoughts... I know the comments wouldn't exactly be the most thought-provoking (or even that interesting?) but it might be nice for some of us to have a moment to spit out a little blurb about what we're currently playing. Plus, it would probably give you (Lgnd) a little break/breather for a day, no? ;)

It defiantly would. Thanks for the idea! Don't be surprised if you see one of those thoughts before the week is over!

Story time! The reason my user name is Hero of Lgnd, and subsequently, why they are called Lgndary Thoughts, goes back to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I wanted a Zelda related name to use in that game, but "Legend" didn't fit, as it had a limit of 4 or 5 characters. So I shortened it to LGND. I've been using it ever since Smile

It's always interesting to hear back story on usernames.

Hmm, seems like we might have the beginnings of a new forum thread...

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