What would you do to increase participation on this site?

I think this is a great site (seriously great site) it's literally gonintendo but for sony which is an awesome thing. However, participation is sadly lacking I would love to see this site grow a community  and a good following so my question is. What would you do to increase participation on this site?

Perhaps more original content?

I know the GN Podcast causes the IRC channel population to swell during its airing. Those people may not participate in active discussion, however, they probably use the site for their news, and chances are that they link articles found on the site, drawing in more people and potentiate active discussion.

I love the idea of more original content. In-fact, last year at E3 I had a podcast recorded and ready to go. In the end I decided not to go through with it. What sort of original stuff would you be interested in seeing?

Mon Mar 30 15 08:12am
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Maybe some kind of "let's play" deal? That seems to be popular these days. Maybe a weekly "Legendary List" like some sort of top 5 x in games kinda deal.

Whatever it is it should be something that encourages user participation.

Maybe a Q&A about upcoming (and perhaps recently and not so recently) games and hardware?

What do you mean Q and A? Would people be asking me questions, or would it be a sort of FAQ that I write up? I'm sorry I would just like a little more clarification. 

More like the former. I am thinking along the lines of you answering questions on your opinions of current Sony platforms and the games.

A lets play sounds really cool actually. But I'm not sure what you mean with the list idea. Would you mind going into more detail?

Mon Mar 30 15 10:58am
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Ex. A weekly "Legendary List"

This Week's list "Top 5 Most OP Characters on Playstation"

5.Nathan Drake: Uncharted
"Reason why Nathan is OP"
4.Liu Kang: Mortal Kombat
3.Kratos: God of War:
2.Asura: Asura's Wrath
1.SSG Goku: DBZ Xenoverse

Okay, I think I like this idea, and  I will certainly look into it. My biggest concern is making it sustainable. Sometimes I have trouble writing a Lgndary Thought every day, so I wouldn't want to take on something else that won't last. But it is a very cool idea, let me see what I can do with it! (Psst! Also, if you have suggestions for what you would like to see discussed in a Lgndary Thought, don't be afraid to let me know!)

I like both ideas. I could see myself sitting down watching a Let's Play.
As for making the lists sustainable, perhaps as in the vein of GFaqs, accept user submitted ones.

I will give the lgndary thoughts idea some...



No that was horrible I apologize. But honestly I will think about it.

We could also just add in thousands of users from GoNintendo; there ought to be at least a few that would like to participate here as well.

Wait...am I allowed to say that yet?

Why not? The more the merrier!


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