FFXV Ep Duscae

So, here I am playing the demo and I thought it would be better to have some discussion on the matter.

I am enjoying it so far, I think camera angle and targeting need to be tuned a little better though. Also the load times are redonkulous, if you happen to screw up and start from your last checkpoint it takes a good bit to load.

Also, the Coleman logo on the back of their camping chairs. I wonder how many RL logos we may find.

I was freaking out about XV for a long time, but to be honest the more I see the less interested I feel. The graphics are insane and I like the look of Noctis but it seems too... I don't know... Over hyped and capitalist right now. The hype train is crazy and I won't be surprised if we're let down by it in the end. The FF spinoffs seem more interesting to me right now!

Aww dang I need to pick this up. I'm thinking of ignoring gamestop for this and getting gamers club unlocked at best buy.

So Goldyk, regarding XV, how is the demo? Specifically how "Open world" is it? From what I've seen so far it looks like the game has the illusion of an open world but I've yet to see anything truly open...

It seems pretty open, you can follow the story line. (Kill a behemoth for a 25K reward to fix your car.) Though, there do seem to be a few hidden goodies scattered around, for going off the trail. Seems to be a sidequest system in place too.
I am curious if you can actually bypass the behemoth and reaching that 25K goal.

Honestly, I am loving the demo so far. The battle system has actually surprised me. I thought it was going to be overly simplistic, but it's actually pretty engaging. The demo doesn't run well at all, but I kinda figured that would happen since the game isn't even finished yet.

I figure this place is as good as any to post this, but my copy came in a bit early.

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