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Hey guys since this is a Sony forum I thought I'de start a thread for Sony's best system to date. I absolutely love some of the games on the console and due to me recently getting an emulator up and running I've been re-experiencing this systems amazing library (legally of course!).

I have a local game store that sells PS2 games still and was able to pick up DQVIII and am currently playing through it. I never played it when it was new so this is a fresh experience for me and so far it's amazing.

What are some of your favorite PS2 games?

Tue Mar 17 15 11:00pm
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I always enjoyed Jade Cocoon 2, Castlevania Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness! There are pretty much too many PS2 games I played though... I can barely remember them all!

I owned a PS2 during a weird time of my childhood, so I didn't play much on it. To be honest I mostly spent my time playing Kingdom Hearts I and II over and over again. Since then though, I've gone back and played some excellent games such as Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, and Shadow of the Colossus.

Oh yeah, of course KH and the ICO collection! It's weird, but even though PS2 was my growing up console, I for really remember the games very well...

For me, the most entertaining was Steambot Chronicles.

I should dig out my PS2 and play that some more. After Type 0.

That was a really good game too! Let's not forget Dark Cloud also.

I Loved Dark Cloud 2

I also loved some classic shmups- Psyvariar and Gradius V! And how could I forget my favorite rhythm games Gitaroo Man and Parappa the Rapper 2!

Since KH, MGS, and the Team Ico games have already been mentioned I figured I'd jump in and mention the Jak series. In my personal opinion that series was Naughty Dog's best. 

Just finished Dragon Quest 8 (currently doing some post game content).

Have Xenosaga on it's way.

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