Official "how to forum on GS" thread

So we've had "forums" for a short while. We plan on infusing a bunch of new users in the near future, so it's worth making a little how-to kind of thread to explain how it works, since it's a bit different than you might think of forums, but rest assured, the basic idea and features are all there; just in ways that will make fans of the news half of the site feel more at home.

Let's start with an image; click to embiggen.

  1. How to access the forums at any time, sitewide.

  2. Forums. On the blog, these are just categories. Here, they serve as the main forums, by subject.
    *The first item shows all threads from all forums.
    *The second item shows only threads you're subscribed to.
    *The rest are category-specific.

  3. Sorting. Newest sorts threads by most recently created. Comments (label subject to change) sorts by most recent comments; bumping threads to the top, just like regular forums. Should this be the default?

  4. The first post in the thread.

  5. How many replies the thread has.

Now, the above screen shot shows the topics all collapsed. You can opt-in or -out of this setting in your profile, depending on your preference. Some people like to scroll through and see the stories, some may prefer just the headlines and click into the ones they want. See the below image:

  1. Click once on your user name in the nav bar to open the submenu. Choose "Edit Profile"

  2. Choose whether you want stories on the site to be collapsed by default. You can have different settings for your computer or mobile device. Clicking either box will minimize stories to just the headlines and minimal metadata. Unchecked boxes will show the full story by default.

So you're ready to make your own topic? Let's check out what that looks like:

  1. Title. You need one of these of course.

  2. Category. This will decide which "forum" you post to. You can only post to one.

  3. Related game. This will attach your thread to the game database. If you add a game, your thread will appear in that game's profile page under "Related Forum Topics", giving it more visibility across the site.

  4. Standard text editing tools. Advanced tools and BBcode are available, but only to advanced users who can type them in...

  5. Spoiler tag/code editing mode. You can set certain content to be hidden via the spoiler tag. Advanced users can type additional BBcode tags for formatting, etc.

  6. Subscribe. You can choose whether you want to be alerted to replies (notification system coming soon). This will also put the thread into the "Subscribed" forum (see above).

Was this helpful? I may have to write similar things for our tips, game database, and reviews systems. We'll be adding features and updating things over time; this thread will be updated when that happens!

Changes based on feedback? THE SYSTEM WORKS!
This makes it a bit easier to mess about with. Perhaps we may see some fresh traffic go through.

Also, ninjinister will now live in infamy.

Thanks I skimmed it and it all seems fairly straightforward. Is this site running on wordpress?

Thu Mar 19 15 10:08am
(Updated 1 time)

It's a totally custom site, built from scratch. We ditched Wordpress for all of our sites (including GoNintendo) like 6-7 years ago; never looked back.

Sat Mar 21 15 11:00am
(Updated 2 times)

Interesting, so are you using a custom backend or no backed at all and just hand coding in new stories? I'm a web developer myself and the site just has the "look and feel" of wordpress so I was curious.

Sun Mar 22 15 03:16am
(Updated 1 time)

That's sort of by design, since that's what RMC first started off using on GN years back, and the blog format readers got used to. There is a complete backend, replete with data management, user management, a story publisher, etc. with many of the same features as wordpress, and also built from scratch.

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