What would you spend this month's prize on?

Here's a bit of fun- the awesome hero-of-lgnd is giving away a $20 gift card as this month's GoingSony giveaway. So, if you were the winner of the prize, what would you put it towards?

Personally, I have a lot on my list to pick up- the Final Fantasies I missed, Suikoden II, and now I'm swaying toward Grim Fandango after seeing the reviews. Of course, all of this would be completely void if the rumours of God Eater 2: Rage Burst coming to the west are true. Then it would all go towards that!

So how about you?

Probably Brandish or Criminal Girls.

If I were to win (don't worry, I can't) I would definitely use it for Grim Fandango. I never had the chance to play the original, so I have been very interested in it since it was announced.

I too would probably get Grim Fandango but I might also go for Child of Light on Vita because I really, really want to play through that game.

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