Here are some Freedom Wars themed gifts I got for Christmas

A little late, but my amazing SO made me a keychain of Percy Propa (from Freedom Wars) for Christmas:

I also got this awesome drawing of my Sinner from the game:

Fullsize imgur albumĀ here.

That's actually pretty neat. Does your SO make stuff like this often?

Yep! They're a very "crafty" person.


So I need to check why those images aren't showing up.

Note that I edited your post to include / attach the relevant game to this thread.

Looks cool btw Smile

Yeah I wondered about that too ;) Thanks for adding the game!

Looks like I just noticed the BBCode editor allows you specify width and height for img tags but the BBCode parser doesn't recognize them. I'll put that on a TODO to fix... somehow

VERY cool, PKSK!!
Unfortunately (?), I'm the "crafty" one in my relationship... so I don't think I'll ever receive anything as cool as these!

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