Forums! But of course "Mr. Jezter" just HAS to be different...

So here it is...the long-awaited forum.

Of course it doesn't look like a typical forum, does it? It looks like a damn blog. That's sort of intentional, since one of the things we'd like to do with community content is promote and feature it on the blog; something that either isn't possible or is a chore with what we run on Gonintendo. It also just looks more consistent and approachable than the negative stigma your average web-goer might have when faced with a normal (gaming) forum.

So really, think about this forum as a community blog. The first post in a thread is the main story, and any replies are basically comments.

We do have a ton of extra features to add, some of them very soon. Feel free to start the discussion in this thread: what do you like or dislike, what do you need or want to see?

Yes, yes, and YES!!

So... one thought that I've had for a while now, that relates pretty directly to my (in)activity on the "forum" side of things...

The blog-style is nice, especially for forum topics that have a fairly significant "main" post, and a discussion to follow... a layout perfect for news-aggregate sites and the like, or even the few posts like we've seen so far.

But what about other common forum topics, that often have little to no content within the initial post (especially compared to its reply posts), where the "main content" is really in the replies? What I've had in mind were share-threads like "Post your recent purchases" or "Post your gaming set-up"... but I feel threads like these wouldn't quite work well with the blog layout, especially if there are extensive replies. (The specific issues that come to mind are: always landing on the initial post, replies are potentially not chronologically ordered, inability(?) to jump directly to the first unread post, etc.) How does it work, if there's say, 50-100+ replies? Will there be pages of comments one could click directly to?

I'd say the layout how you describe it is actually no different than a standard forum. The only thing we offer is being able to see the full first post in a thread while browsing the full list of topics in any given forum. You still have to click into each thread to see the replies.

That said about replies, we currently do not paginate them (like 10 or 20 replies per page)...does anyone actually need that anymore? As for chronological order, ours is too. Clicking into a thread on a standard forum goes to the first post. You'd have to click the link/tiny icon to jump to the newest, which is something we can look into adding. We may also explore styling new posts (since discussions are threaded) so you can scroll through and quickly see what has been added.

As for the idea that some threads have more content in the replies, it's again no different than a standard forum where you'd have to click into the discussion to see any of it. Don't let that misperception hold you back from participating!

So one thought... are the last comments on a post supposed to "bump" that post to the top of the feed? Or will there be "Recent Comments" or "My Discussions" sections specifically for the forum? I'm of the mindset that either/both these might help promote discussion here... but of course (as you mention) there's so much more in store, so I'll happily just wait and see what comes. :D

Ah, I now see the "Commented" toggle now that I'm here on my phone... groovy! Smile

Yeah...i'm open to suggestion on that. We have a couple filters, but what the default should be is worth talking about!


Should the forums default to this behavior? Or is defaulting to the newest-created topics more important than replies to existing ones?

I think the newest replies should be prioritized. Despite this thread having the newest comments, it sits at the very bottom of the list.

I only know that there were comments today because it is showing properly on the "My Discussions" box now. Somebody new, who has yet to post or subscribe to such thread, will less likely see, and participate. For example, say some moron makes an irrelevant topic about being today's VIP, and that one sits on the top, but a much more important topic started over two months prior gets some fresh posts sometime later, I would think it would be more beneficial for that one to be at the top.

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Goldy...I'm inclined to agree. We'll set that as the default. Should we even offer a way to see the newest-created topics? I'm a bit torn...while I like options; it does add clutter (and thus confusion to some degree) to the UI.

PS...yes, we've added forum replies to the "My Discussions" box. Seemed appropriate Smile.

Working on a few other community features that will stretch across the site and make things a bit more interesting when we get a new influx of users.

Sweet!  Now I have an outlet here to let people know of my ridiculous shenanigans!  Mwahahahahahaaaa!!!

Bring it. ;)

We'll also be looking for mods as the community grows, so keep that in mind!

It is an interesting take, but I think I vastly prefer the more "negative-stigma" type forum. Broken down, with lists of titles I can peruse without the the complete first post. Sorry, but I am not a fan of the blog format, as a personal preference.

So you'll prefer things to be collapsed by default so it's just the titles/subjects.

Yes. Between something like that and the categories we have would make it simpler.
Also, is there some sort of notification for this? I subscribed to the topic, but I did not have a clue you had posted in it until I just so happen to see your name as the last commenter.
Lastly, a question: can the RSS feed be beefed up at all? Say, I want it so that I can have a separate feed for different tags. Or possibly a feed for a specific search term. For example, on Nyaa, an anime I am following is subbed by certain group, I can just run a search for just keywords including the anime name, subbing group and the resolution I want it at. On the search results, I can just add a feed that will notify me when that specific search would return a new entry. 

We do have a notification system in the works; coming soon. We'll try to make it as comprehesive as possible. I'd like to have live notifications on the site, via PM, or email; user's choice.

RSS...we'll have to see how much of a demand there is for such deep features.

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