For Honor: Marching Fire Revealed and Detailed

  • New Faction added: Wu Lin
  • Wu Lin will feature four heroes
  • New single player content
  • Biggest expansion of For Honor yet
  • New 4v4 multiplayer mode added
  • Enhanced visuals

New Star Wars: Battlefront II details Revealed

At their E3 press conference, EA talked about the future of Star Wars: Battlefront II, and what fans of the game can expect in the future. Here are the details

  • New squad system to be added where players can team up with friends
  • They are working on a large scale multiplayer sandbox experience 
  • The Clone Wars will be tackled later this year
  • Will include the largest level ever
  • Playable characters include General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Anakin

Battlefield V - E3 Multiplayer Trailer And Details

I've placed the official description of the trailer, as well as some details revealed during EA's press conference below!

Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.

Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps – and modes – and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective. 

  • Players can smash through windows
  • Weapons, such as turrets, can be moved throughout the battlefield
  • Tanks can rip through and destroy entire houses
  • Soliders are customizable
  • Single player stories will be present
  • No lootboxes or premium pass reconfirmed 
  • Battle Royale mode confirmed, more info later this year

Sony E3 2017 Press Conference - Quick Impressions

For starters, I was planning on making a "everything revealed at Sony's press conference post", but I decided against it due to the nature of their showcase. Instead, I thought to just write up a short post about my general feelings regarding their show, and also provide a place for anyone else to share their thoughts. 

That. Was. Not good. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't awful. But Sony's E3 press conference certainly did not impress. To be honest, it wasn't even a real press conference due to the fact that they showed nothing but trailers. They had no live demos, no commentary, no talking points, and no reason to have a stage. It made for a pretty boring show. 

Moving on to the actual content. That also did not impress. Nothing outside of their VR section was a brand new game. Yes, games like God of War, Detroit, and others look to be excellent games. But it is hard to get hyped up about these games considering we have seen them already. 

The only huge thing that I believe was crazy awesome is the Shadow of the Colossus remaster. Long time followers of the site know how special that game is to me, and seeing it with those new visuals was incredible. It may be my single favorite moment of E3, and the only game that surprised people at Sony's conference. 

What did you think of Sony's conference? Good, bad, awful? Let me know in the comments below!

Spider-Man E3 Gameplay

QTE the game!

Sony E3 2017 Press Conference Livestream

Every bit of new will be posted to the site after the conference!

Sony files several new trademarks

Sony has filed several new trademarks just ahead of their E3 2017 press conference, which is scheduled for later tonight at 9 ET. The most interesting of them, at least to me, is a new Shadow of the Colossus trademark. Here is a list of the others:

  • Frantics
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Bravo Team
  • The Inpatient

Any guesses as to what these could be?