Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection Listed on Amazon

Amazon Germany has listed a Kingdom Hearts Collection for the Playstation 4. This collection would presumably include all of the Kingdom Hearts games that are available with the 1.5 + 2.5 set, and the 2.8 set. Both of which are already available now. 

While this doesn't serve as an absolute confirmation, it does make sense that Square Enix would sell yet another Kingdom Hearts collection that includes every single game to date. 

More Kingdom Hearts III Details

Nomura sat down with Famitsu magazine this week to talk more about Kingdom Hearts III. Here are the new details he revealed:

  • Toy Story world is something Nomura wanted to put since KH2. So he said Toy Story is a must for KH3 and kept on negotiating.
  • The Toy Story world takes place after Toy Story 2. It's not a parallel world from the movie. the incident that happens in KH3 is canon story in Toy Story movie universe.
  • Piloting mech was something Nomura told the staff from the beginning. Other floors in the toy store will have different gimmicks.
  • Big Hero 6 world is also coming along well, but info will be at later date
  • The number of Disney worlds is smaller than KH2, but the density of each world is bigger so you have much more play in the worlds.
  • There are lots of characters and the story is deep
  • The combat always have options for you to choose from. You assemble your battle by choosing which option to use and which one to drop, as well as the order you use your combo will give some strategic fun to the combat.
  • Party formation has new system which will be revealed later.