Monster Hunter World - Dante Outfit Launches April 27th

Emotes also previewed

The outfit will be free, but the emotes shown in the trailer are paid DLC.

Gravel - Free Car Now Available For Download

You can find the download page at the source link.

Call of Duty: WWII - The War Machine DLC Trailer

The second DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII is set to launch next week on April 10th, and Sledgehammer games has released the above trailer featuring one of the new maps, Operation Husky.

Additionally, they have also provided an image of the new map, which you can find here:

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal - DLC Trailer

4 new characters now available for free

You can grab the DLC at the source link below as long as you have a Japanese PSN account!

Darkstalkers Costumes Coming to Street Fighter V

Capcom has announced that they are bringing Darkstalkers inspired costumes to Street Fighter V. Staring April 3rd, the Khaibit Costume for Menat, Lilith Costume for Juri, and Donovan Costume for Urien will be available for purchase for $4 each. 

Check out screenshots for each costume after the break!   

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's Costume Pack DLC Detailed

Wayforward has updated their Kickstarter page with new details for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's final piece of DLC. Called the Costume Pack, it will include 3 new adventures that each feature a new costume and abilities for Shantae. Read on for a summary of each one:

  • Ninja Mode - As a ninja, Shantae moves at super speed. This time out she can’t transform, but she can wall jump, teleport, and throw kunai & throwing stars at enemies. Collect Gems to power up your moves, and search out new Dream Squid locations in hopes of finding them all. Do that, and you’ll unlock exciting Ninja themed win screen images.
  • Beach Mode - In this mode, you’ll play as Shantae in her swimsuit! She attacks with her ponytail as per usual, but also use a bouncing Beach Ball Attack to hit distant targets. Dancing is replaced by a bubble move, which allows Shantae to float through the air! Just don’t let her bubble pop - or she’ll plummet to the ground! In water, Beach Shantae moves at high speed. So far, so good! What’s the catch? Is there a catch? Yes, here’s the catch - the sun, it burns! Shantae’s delicate skin is not used to all this exposure to the elements (please humor us on this one)! Over time, she’ll begin to heat up and eventually will begin to take Burn Damage. To combat this problem, players will be able to cool her off by collecting sunscreen placed around the levels, or by taking a quick dip! Help Shantae beat the heat and unlock the best win screens!
  • Officer Mode - In her Officer Costume, Shantae can use the Siren Helmet to “Switch Up” solid blocks scattered about each stage. Controlling the position of these blocks will allow her to solve puzzles and navigate around. Just don’t let her get smashed into the screen! Shantae also gets an upgradable Pellet Gun in place of her usual ponytail attack, useful for blasting monsters to shreds. 
A release date has not yet been announced, but it should release within a few weeks.