Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 7 and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Sales Numbers

At their latest financial briefing, Capcom updated us on Resident Evil 7 sales, as well as announced how much Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has sold. 

To date, Resident Evil 7 has reached 4.8 million in sales. Those numbers include the Gold Edition of the game.

And since it launched in September, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has sold about 1 million units.

Resident Evil 9 Hits 4 million units shipped

Capcom has revealed, through a new promo image, that Resident Evil 7 has surpassed 4 million units shipped worldwide. This means that the latest Resident Evil titles has finally hit Capcom's expectations, though they had hoped it would hit 4 million in its first fiscal year.