Paragon - New Hero Teaser

Full reveal coming Thursday

New Aurora Skin Announced for Paragon

Glacial Empress Aurora will be available in Paragon when the update hits tomorrow. A price was not revealed, but I would estimate it will cost around $10 - $15. 

Paragon - August 10th Hotfix Now Live

Here's what it does:

  • Two client crashes
  • Fix to reduce load on our back end to increase general stability

New Paragon Hero Leaked

Apparently found through datamining

Paragon - 41.5 Store Update Detailed

A new Paragon update is set to go live tomorrow with the following additions being made to the store:


  • Heavenly Focus Kwang


  • Stand United
  • The Union
  • The Brotherhood

Paragon Visual Update Delayed

Epic Games has announced, much to my dismay, that the visual update to Paragon has been delayed from August to September. The decision was made for the sake of optimizations and balance. Read more in their announcement below.

After much internal debate, we’re delaying the Monolith visual update until v.43 in September. We know it’s a bummer and we’re sorry we can’t deliver it on August 8.

Why the delay? We want more time with the map running in-game to make sure it is up to the highest performance, stability, and gameplay balance standards. This extra time will allow the internal team to playtest, bug fix, and optimize the map so you have a solid experience when you play.

Our team created a truly beautiful map that will make Paragon feel more alive. It is equipped with two distinct sides with very unique characteristics that allow you to easily identify where you are on the map. We’ve also added a lot of water elements to Monolith, including the giant orb of water that looms over the Dawn side of the map. 

Paragon - Zinx announcement Trailer

You can read a summary of her kit right here:

  • Bad Medicine (RMB/R1) - Zinx charges her gun and creates an AoE field of energy on the ground in front of her, can be discharged early to create a smaller field.
  • Kitty Claws (Q/Square) - Toggle: Empowers her Pistol allowing it to apply a damage over time effect, which can be stacked.
  • Ricochet Stun (E/Circle) - A Medium range projectile which bounces around nearby enemies, stunning them. The stun duration increases for each enemy hit.
  • Dirty Healing (R/Triangle) - Passive: Zinx gains bonus mana regen, based on a percentage of her missing mana. Toggle: While activated, she will immediately heal 50% of damage taken, costing mana instead.