Overwatch - Hanzo's most recent skin to be updated

While I definitely feel this is a huge improvement over the current skin, I still wish they would keep just a little bit of grey in his hair. 

D.Va Nendoroid Revealed

Blizzard has announced that D.Va will be the next Overwatch character to get the Nendoroid treatment.

Available for pre-order at the source link below, D.Va is priced at $50 and is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2018.

Overwatch Developer Update - Return to Winterland

Event starts December 12th!

New Items Coming To Base Lootboxes In Overwatch

Speaking on the official forums, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that new items would be coming to base loot boxes fairly soon. Here is his comment:

We have a ton of new content coming. Not only are there some really awesome items coming for upcoming events, early next year we'll be adding *a lot* of new items to the base loot box.

You don't have long to wait!

Blizzard offers update regarding Doomfist bugs

Doomfist has seen plenty of bugs since his launch a few months ago. And despite being quiet on the issue for awhile now, Blizzard is finally tackling the issue. Here are the details they gave via the official forums:

Things that are fixed

  • Wall slamming should be much improved. The wall slamming logic has also been simplified so players should find that a 45 degree impact angle is the cutoff between the target being slammed into the wall, or sliding off. This is the biggest change that should be noticeable instantly.
  • Rocket Punch now breaks breakables again. Not only was the bug fixed that caused it to no longer break breakables, but the system we have in place now should break them much more consistently than before.
  • Seismic Slam being canceled when landing too close to a wall should be fixed.
  • Seismic Slam will now ‘slide’ a small ways up ramps instead of instantly triggering. Winston’s leap has also changed in the same way. The slide distance is manually tuned so let us know if it seems like he is sliding up ramps too much or too little.

Things we’re still working on

  • Seismic Slam has a bug when you or your target is near a corner, it will sometimes not find them as a valid target. We have identified this bug but it is going to take a little longer to get a fix in place.
  • Ghost punches. This is an issue where you Rocket Punch and go through an enemy, instead of impact them. Some of these reports are latency related, but we did find an issue that was causing this to come up beyond just typical networking issues. Hopefully we’ll get in a fix in soon.
  • Corner bounce. This happens if you use Rocket Punch near a corner or edge, and it causes you to ‘bounce’ off and slide quite a ways away, probably messing up your punch. This is a recent bug caused by a seemingly unrelated change. We have identified why this can happen though, and are working on a fix for it.

They go on to say that they are still investigating other issues, so there is potential for more fixes in the future.