Blizzard on why Doomfist isn't voiced by Terry Crews

For those that don't know, in the build up before Doomfist was officially revealed, many fans were wanting him to be voiced by Terry Crews. In the end, Blizzard went with somebody else and has now defended that decision. Here is what they had to say:

"We love Terry. Terry's awesome. He came and visited us. We had a great time. But when we were looking for Doomfist, we were looking for something very specific given his role in the game and everything. When we were early in the audition process, we heard Sahr, who's the actor who plays Doomfist, and he just blew us away immediately. Once we heard his voice, it was like, 'Holy crap. That's Doomfist.'"

Overwatch - Masquerade Comic Out Now

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Overwatch - July 12th Patch now live on PS4

Here are the patch notes!


  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to lose audio during the match.
  • Fixed a bug causing the vacuum-of-space sound effects from the Horizon Lunar Colony menu screen to persist even after selecting a new menu area.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pharah's "I am the rocket queen" voice line from playing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Orisa's ultimate to charge while her Supercharger was deployed.

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Overwatch - Doomfist Reveal Trailer

Here is a summary of all of his abilities:


  • Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time.


  • Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him.


  • Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front of him into the air.


  • After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.


  • Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.


  • Doomfist leaps into the sky, then crashes to the ground, dealing significant damage.