Street Fighter V - 30th Anniversary Costumes Revealed

The above costumes will be available on August 29th, at a price of $4 each. 

Random Time! Guile being used to advertise hair gel

I can't say this doesn't make sense... Still though, it's a little odd to see video game characters advertise different products!

One Punch Man artists draws a few Street Fighter pieces

You can find a lot more at the source link below!

Street Fighter V - Abigail glitch made him appear larger in reveal trailer

The latest character to be added to Street Fighter V is not as big as we had once thought. Due to a bug that occurred while Capcom was making his reveal trailer, Abigal was in his v-trigger state the entire time. In the gif above, you can see a comparison of his v-trigger form with his regular state. 

What do you think, does this help with his design a little bit?

Street Fighter EVO Panel Cancelled

New Street Fighter V Costumes Revealed

Capcom has revealed 3 new costumes set to release on July 25th for Street Fighter V. The new costumes are the nostalgia costumes for Alex, Juri, and Ibuki. They are priced at $4 each. 

Here are pictures if you are interested: