Lgndary Thoughts - The Future of GoingSony

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Hello everyone! Today's Thought is a very important one, and I really need people to read all of it. I would like to discuss the future of the site, and most importantly get feedback on what people, even those that don't visit often, would like to see. I will be giving away a $20 PS Store card for those that help as well. So please read on, and don't forget to leave a comment. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

I have been working on GoingSony for a little over 2 years now. I have loved every minute of it, but I admit that it has been incredibly difficult at times to balance the site with other aspects of my life, including my other job. I would like nothing more but to focus completely on the site entirely, but my financial situation doesn't allow for that, at least not yet. But either way, I would like to increase growth on the site consistently. I will be the first person to admit that I have not given GoingSony the attention it deserves, and that is what I want today to be about. Getting ideas from users and non-users, hearing what it would take to get more people on the site at a daily basis. I want to throw myself at the site, and do everything I can help it grow, but I need your help. 

For those that don't know, I am not the owner of the GoingSony. So I can't promise anything, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest something you may think is impossible. I mainly have control over the actual content of GoingSony, but I can pass on any site request up to the people that control that. Below are some of my own ideas for things that can be done. To be clear, I am not saying that these things will happen, or will happen in the exact way described. But I would like to hear your thoughts on each one, and see if I can get some good feedback.

Ending daily Lgndary Thoughts.

  • Lgndary Thoughts is something that I started doing early on. They were supposed to be a response to RMC's "End of Day Thoughts", but they ended up evolving into something more. I have written almost 500 of them now, and that is actually part of the problem. Many days it is really hard to find something to write about. I prefer to write about a recent topic, but there isn't always something going on. And every topic, recent or not, isn't always suited for even a short few paragraphs of discussion. It often means that I have to turn a couple of sentences into a few paragraphs. One potential idea I had was to have a Lgndary Thought about once a week. This would change a few things. I would be less pressured to write about something for the sake of writing. And each Thought would be higher quality, as I would never have to rush it out on a daily basis.

Quantity over quality posts

  • When I first started here on GoingSony, I literally posted anything and everything. It didn't matter what it was, or where it came from, I was going to post it. Over time, I moved away from this approach, and have tried to post things that I felt were more relevant, and less filler. But that doesn't mean that I am against trying to post more stories, even if they seem like filler. 

Quality over quantity posts

  • My time is limited, so when I post a story, I often post the core of a story and no more. A lot of other sites tend to have a write up for each post however, even if there is no new information. Gematsu.com is a great example of this. They don't post too many stories, but the ones that they do are very detailed. I'm not sure if the style of GoingSony is really set up for this, but it could be worth trying. 

A larger social media presence

  • GoingSony does actually have a Twitter account (go follow it!), but I have been hesitant to use it too much. If the only thing people do is follow the twitter account and see news there, it doesn't really help the site grow at all. But I would be interested in seeing if people would prefer a different direction. 

More original content

  • This one might be tricky, but more original content could be something that would help. What I like about the daily Lgndary Thoughts is that there is something original on the site every day. If I were to switch to only having a Thought once a week, I would feel the need to fill that gap with something else. I wouldn't be able to guarantee something new everyday, but having more original content in general would be good. A weekly comic is something that I have thought about doing. I know an artist, and we have talked about him collaborating with the site before. There would be some details that we would have to iron out, but it is something that could work. A weekly livestream is something else that I have considered doing. But I don't really know where to start as far as what I would actually be playing. Do people want to see an older game that not very many people are streaming at the time? Or would it be better to stream something newer even though everyone else is doing the same thing?

These are just a few of the ideas that I have had. I really want people to give me feedback about these, and more. There are no limits and no one should be hesitant to provide any kind of feedback, even if you think it is something that isn't possible. Feedback can be left in any way. A comment can be left below, you can send me a private message through the site, you can send me an email at Goingsony@gmail.com, and you can even leave a message on Twitter. For those that leave feedback, you will automatically be put in the running to win a $20 Playstation Store card. And the method that you leave feedback does not affect your eligibility. The card is a NA PSN card, and it will be sent to a randomly selected person early next week. 

Street Fighter V - Third Beta Details


  • Ryu
  • Birdie
  • Cammy
  • Necalli
  • Nash
  • Laura

Dhalsim and Zangief will become available later during the beta period. And who knows, there might be a few more character surprises along the way!


  • Ranked Match – Fight for glory and status in high stakes matches!
  • Casual Match – Enjoy more casual matches without pressure.
  • Training – Improve your skills against a training dummy with a variety of options and settings.
  • Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) – Check out the latest leaderboard rankings, search for replays, and rivals.
  • Battle Setting – Customize your character profile and button configuration, among other options.
  • Options – Manage the screen and sound settings.


  • 12/18 00:01 PT (12/18 08:01 GMT) – Street Fighter V third beta starts for PS4 and PC users
  • 12/18 08:00 PT (12/18 16:00 GMT) – Servers down for 10 hour maintenance
  • 12/18 18:00 PT (12/19 02:00 GMT) – Servers back online, play resumes
  • 12/19 18:00 PT (12/20 02:00 GMT) – Servers down for 10 hour maintenance
  • 12/20 04:00 PT (12/20 12:00 GMT) – Servers back online, play resumes
  • 12/20 22:00 PT (12/21 06:00 GMT) – Street Fighter V third beta concludes

Quick Thought - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everybody! As you all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America. Because of this,  I have been very busy with family, and spent all of today out of town. I apologize for the small amount of stories, but hopefully most will be understanding. I'm not sure what news there will be tomorrow, but I will post what I can. If anyone sees a story that is not yet up on the site, please feel free to send me a link. Email, story suggestions, and twitter are all great ways to send me a story. And remember, all I need is a link, don't feel like you have to write out the entire piece! Thanks everyone, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Lgndary Thoughts - Expanded Giveaways

Today marks the conclusion to the August giveaway. The winner has been decided, and the game code will be sent out shortly. But instead of talking about this week's giveaway, I'd like to talk about the future of GoingSony Giveaways. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

This Thought will be on the shorter side because I would really just like to take this opportunity to see if there is any interest in expanding what I actually giveaway monthly.

Ever since the start of GoingSony Giveaways, I have been exclusively giving away digital games, with the occasional PS Store card thrown in. If there is enough interest, I would like to try giving away physical stuff as well. Giving away something physically would also solve the regional problem, as I would be able to ship it just about anywhere. 

The problem comes from what I could actually use. Sony doesn't have anything as universally popular as Amiibo, so it is difficult to think of something that most people would like. So that is why I have come to you! Any kind of suggestion would be greatly appreciated, it doesn't even have to be a physical prize. The overall goal is to be able to give away things that are more popular, so please keep this in mind as you write up your suggestions. Thanks everybody for participating this week, and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about the future of GoingSony Giveaways!

Comment tweaks and a new RSS feed

t27duck the web guy here. Couple quick updates for those who don't go to GoNintendo often:

- Editing and replying to comments now direct you to a dedicated page instead of reloading the story and trying to jump you down to the comment form

- When replying, the page will also have the comment you're replying to right above the form for easy reference

- New Top Stories RSS feed: http://feedpress.me/goingsony-topstories


FFXIV Hot Fixes (October 30th)

-In “The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)” certain circumstances caused the client to freeze and become inoperable. (PlayStation®3 version only)

-In “The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)” wherein characters revived with Resurrect became uncontrollable under certain circumstances.

-In “The Second Coil of Bahamut - Turn 4” Dalamud spawn did not always draw in meteoric fragments.

-Players who had not logged in since patch 2.2 and logged in after 2.4 had their Allagan Tomestones of Poetics weekly cap already maxed out, even when they had not yet earned or received any.

-A chocobo that was stabled in a chocobo stable could not be removed.

-After the fix, talking to the NPC “housing enthusiast” will allow you to remove your personal chocobo from the chocobo stable. Additionally, this issue allowed personal chocobos to be fetched and gain experience while still being stabled in the chocobo stable; however, because the stabled chocobo is the one with the correct data, we apologise, but the data on your personal chocobo will be overwritten to the correct data upon removal of your personal chocobo from the stable.

-The server would go down under certain conditions.

-The client would crash under certain conditions.

-If direct chat was enabled, there were occasions when key bindings that utilise the Ctrl or Alt key did not function properly.

-An issue wherein there was a mistake in the “Mug” help text.

GoingSony Update: Private Messages

Howdy folks. Just dropping by to let you all know about a new feature launch on the site: Private Messages

At the bottom left of the page (next to your name), there is now a little envelope icon. The number next to it shows how many unread messages you have in your inbox. Clicking the icon will take you to your inbox where you can view messages, respond, and begin new conversations. You can send a PM to up to 10 users at once. Also, if have someone on your "Foes" list, they will not be able to PM you. Hooray privacy!

Every time you receive a new message, you will be notified via e-mail. If you want to turn this feature off, click on your username in the bottom navigation bar and uncheck "Notify Me on New Private Messages" under the Profile Settings tab.

We're not done yet. The ability to start a PM from a user's profile page is in the works as well as some form of a message board system is coming (ETA unknown)!

See a bug? Got questions? Hit me up on my Twitter (@t27duck) or better yet, send me a PM!

Lgndary Thoughts - Your Thoughts

Friday is here and the weekend is upon us! About time if I do say so myself. But not only is this the conclusion of the work week, its the conclusion of the third GoingSony giveaway. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

First off I would like to thank everyone for being so active this week. This is probably the best Giveaway Week I’ve had so far. Obviously though, I would like to see people participate more even when I am not giving away a game. I have not decided yet, but for next month I may decide to raise the comment count recruitment significantly more than I have been doing. That way to be eligible, people would need to be active more often. Again, I have not decided for sure yet, so please leave any feedback you have in the comments.

I would also love to hear what you all would like to see on the site. What kind of a job have I been doing? Any features you would like to see in the future? Anything I do that you don’t like? And do you have any ideas for what we can do to bring in more users? Please, PLEASE let me know in the comments. And if you would rather not do that, you can always send me a tweet, or an email will also do fine. Thanks everyone! And be sure to check back tomorrow to see the winner of Infamous: First Light!

Lgndary Thoughts - GoingSony's 10,000th Post!

Wow! Believe it or not this Lgndary Thought is the 10,000th post on GoingSony! Isn't that crazy?! Because of this, today’s post will be just a little bit different. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Something that I want to make clear right from the very beginning. Not even half of those post are mine. Most of the 10,000 were a direct result from RMC and Cort working incredibly hard to not only continue work on GoNintendo, but to try to get this site off the ground. I think they did a hell of a job, and none of what has been accomplished to far would be possible without them. 

I have only been part of the “Go” family for about 5 months now, but rest assured I’m not Going anywhere. I plan on working hard everyday to continue the site growth, and I know Cort is just as motivated. Thanks to everyone that visits the site, hopefully you all will stick around for a long time.

Lgndary Thoughts - How is everyone liking Destiny?

Thats right, another Destiny Thought! I figured it would only be appropriate as today is Destiny’s launch day. Originally I was planning on posting a unboxing video of the Ghost Edition, but after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that a lot of other people would be doing the same thing. Instead, I’ll just do a short and sweet version for today so we can all enjoy us some Destiny. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Unfortunately, I have yet to actually play the game myself. I have just had enough time to unpack my Ghost Edition, and write up today’s Thought. On the topic of the Ghost Edition though, I am actually blown away by this special edition. It is actually probably the best limited edition I own. The way everything is presented really conveys the sense of mystery that I expect will be in the full game. And just like the game, the first thing you see after jumping in is your Ghost! I thought that was a really nice touch (or maybe just a coincidence).

So now I know that the Ghost Edition is awesome, it’s time for me to start the game! I hope all of you are enjoying it, be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of the game so far. I’ll be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what everyone thinks. Happy gaming!