Dragon Quest I, II, and III headed to the PS4

Square Enix has announced that they are bringing the first three Dragon Quest titles to the Playstation 4. 

Dragon Quest will launch on August 8th for 600 Yen. Dragon Quest II will be launching on the same date for 850 Yen. And Dragon Quest III will launch late August at a price of 1,500 yen.

Unfortunately, these titles have yet to be announced for other regions. 

Two New Persona Dancing Games Announced

Are you a fan of the Persona series? Are you also a fan of dancing? Well then I have some great news for you! Atlus has just announced not one, but two new Persona dancing titles for the Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita. They are set to launch next year. 

Here are the announcement trailers:

Battlefield Revolution Leaked By Online Retailer

The listing has since been removed, but the following items were said to be included with Battlefield Revolution:

  • Battlefield 1
  • Premium Pass
  • All four expansions
  • "More"

Corey Gaspur of Bioware has passed away

The following announcement was made by Bioware:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Corey Gaspur.

He was a member of our team for over nine years, and worked as a designer on many of our titles, including Sonic Chronicles, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and 3, and most recently Anthem.

Corey was a talented designer and an even better person. We offer our condolences to Corey’s family and everyone that knew him.

We will miss you.

Persona 5: The Animation Announced

Atlus has announced that Persona 5 will be receiving the anime treatment in 2018. A-1 Pictures will be producing the show, and the cast from the game will return to voice their characters.

No other details are known at this time, but I will be sure to update when that changes!

Lgndary Thoughts - PS Plus Lineup for August

I haven't written about an individual month’s PS Plus lineup in awhile, but the games for August is going to change that! Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

For those that haven't seen the news yet, here is the PS Plus lineup for next month:

  • Just Cause 3 - PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry - PS4
  • Super Motherload - PS3
  • Snakeball - PS3
  • Downwell - PS Vita
  • Level 22 - PS Vita

Wow, what a month. Just Cause 3 alone makes August far more exciting than anything PS Plus has offered in a long, long time. These are exactly the kind of games that Sony needs to be getting for their service. And while I have heard that there are performance issues with Just Cause, I don't particularly mind. This is what PS Plus should be for, playing games that one didn't play for one reason or another. I’m sure many didn't grab the game because of those issues, but now they can play it without having to pay for it separately. 

As for the other PS4 game, Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, I can’t say that I am as excited. It is a fairly old game, having released over 3 years ago, and it isn't really a full game either, as it was released as standalone DLC. Having said that, it is still a lot better than most of what we get with PS Plus. 

Unfortunately, there isn't much to be excited about after the PS4 games. Both Downwell, and Level 22 seem to be the usual small indie titles that we are used to, but I can’t say that this surprises me. And the same can also be said of the PS3 games, which also look really cheap. 

But honestly, I don’t really care that much about the PS3 and PS Vita games. In a thought last week, I talked about how PS Plus needs to change, and how the focus needs to be on PS4. For this week at least, Sony has done that. We can only hope that this is the start of a new trend, where we see great and exciting games a lot more often than we are used to. 

Now it is your turn to let me know what you think of next month’s PS Plus lineup! Be sure to vote in the survey, the results of which will be shared early next week, and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Your thoughts on the PS Plus lineup for August
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Could take it or leave it
Very disappointed
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Dragon Quest XI heading west next year

Square Enix has (finally) confirmed that Dragon Quest XI will be launching in the west next year. It will be titled Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age for its western release, and more information will be revealed this coming Fall. 

You can read Square's press release announcing this news here:

LOS ANGELES (July 28, 2017) – Fans of great stories, captivating art and alluring music are certain to rejoice with today’s announcement from SQUARE ENIX® that DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age TM will be coming to the West next year.  

 The highly anticipated latest entry to the beloved DRAGON QUEST video game franchise follows the adventure of a hero who must solve the mystery of his fate with the aid of a charming cast of supporting characters. DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will offer a world of adventure, exploration and instances of heroism— all brought to life by the character art of famed manga artist Akira Toriyama and the memorable music of composer Koichi Sugiyama.

Capcom reveals latest sales information for several titles

Capcom has released their latest sales figure for several of their top franchises, including Street Fighter and Monster Hunter. I have taken the relevant details and written them up below:

  • Resident Evil 5 - 9.5 million (7.2 from original, 2.3 from the Gold Edition)
  • Resident Evil 6 - 8 million (6.8 from original, 1.1 million from re-release)
  • Resident Evil 7 - 3.7 million
  • Street Fighter V - 1.7 million
  • Dead Rising 4 - Below 1 million

I included the Dead Rising info because it has performed well below expectations, and is a sign of hope for a potential return to Playstation for the series. 

Doomfist now live in Overwatch

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice has gone gold