E3 2018 - Bethesda Press Conference

Show starts at 9:30PM ET!

E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule

Everything is done!

Hello everyone! E3 is just about to start, and I thought it might be helpful to list all the showtimes for the big press conferences. 


  • EA - Saturday at 2PM (FINISHED)
  • Microsoft - Sunday at 4PM (FINISHED)
  • Bethesda - Sunday at 9:30PM (FINISHED)
  • Square Enix - Monday at 1PM (FINISHED)
  • Ubisoft - Monday at 4PM (FINISHED)
  • PC Gaming Show - Monday at 6PM (FINISHED)
  • Sony - Monday at 9PM (FINISHED)
  • Nintendo - Tuesday at 12PM (FINISHED)

For those that missed it, I am planning on covering E3 with traditional posts to the best of my ability. So don't forget to check back here every day for all the big stories!

Kingdom Hearts III gets a release date of January 29th

New Anthem Trailer And Details Revealed

Here are the details for Anthem revealed during the press conference, as well as some reported by Game Informer:

  • Takes place in a dynamic, living world
  • Described as a game that changes every time you play
  • Player choices that affect the story hinted at
  • Base is single player
  • More story content planned for years to come
  • Four suits are available: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm
  • Suits can be heavily customized, including color and geometry
  • Cosmetic and vanity items can be purchased with real money
  • No lootboxes
  • No play-to-win
  • Game experience will be complete from the start
  • No PVP
  • Game will be 30FPS on PS4
  • No snowy or desert areas
  • Confirmed as a "Games as a Service" title
  • Humans are the only playable race
  • No AI party members
  • No romances
  • Suit classes can be swapped outside if missions
  • Multiple hub areas 
  • Bioware will try to prevent griefing as much as they can
  • No comment regarding a public beta
  • No offline play

Lgndary Thoughts - E3 2018 Hopes and Dreams

E3 is right around the corner, and more and more announcements continue to come out every day. Even still, I’m sure that the best stuff will be saved for the actual event. With that in mind, here are the games I am most excited to see next week! Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Anthem - Anthem is one of my most anticipated titles and, something that I have mentioned before, is also a great concern of mine. Bioware is not in a good place right now after Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Anthem’s success is likely to determine their future. But more than that, I really just want a good game. I loved the first Destiny and the new concepts it brought, but Bungie dropped the ball with the sequel, and I think it is time someone give them a run for their money. 

To do that, Anthem has to be perfect. Personally speaking, I would like to see strong shooting mechanics, unique classes, a large amount of content to experience (including lots of gear to obtain), and a good story with detailed lore. But just as importantly, they have to get microtransactions right. I’m sure they are planning to pursue more than just a base $60 from players, especially considering their plans to (I hope) support the game with a ton of content post-launch. This is something that I accept, but only if they don’t push too hard and get too greedy. Pay-to-win is obviously unacceptable, but past that we will just have to cross our fingers and see what they come up with.

Starfield - For those that don’t know, Starfield is a game that Bethesda is heavily rumored to be working on. They trademarked the name years ago, so it is likely that they are, at the very least working on something called Starfield. But rumors point to it being their next big RPG akin to Fallout and Skyrim, only in space. And that is exactly what I want it to be. A big, ambitious evolution of a Bethesda RPG that plays, and looks incredible.

In regards to visuals, my expectations have been rising for Starfield after a recent Bethesda announcement. A few months ago, a Bethesda Rep said that they are working on 2 games. The first of which would, while having some small improvements in visuals, would be made with their old engine. And that a second game was using something new. They even said employees working on the first game couldn’t wait to finish and move over to the second title to work with all the new tools the new engine offers. I had assumed that the first game was Starfield, but after last week’s Fallout 76 announcement (which obviously uses their old engine), I’m starting to get hopeful that Starfield is going to look significantly better than Fallout 4.

Cyberpunk 2077 - I’m also hoping that CD Projekt Red’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will be fully revealed next week. The game was announced years ago before The Witcher 3 even launched, and it would be nice if we could finally see some gameplay. I actually find it funny that so many people, including myself, are so incredibly hyped for a game that we know almost nothing about. The gameplay, setting, and even story continue to remain a mystery. I’m not sure that this will be the E3 to change that, but I certainly hope it is. 

These are a few of my biggest hopes for E3 2018. But no matter what happens, I think we are all in for an exciting week. What are you hoping to see? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Side note - I will be covering E3 this year with traditional posts, so be sure to check back here starting Saturday for E3 goodness!

The Death of Paragon

How Epic Games killed the next great MOBA

The final reveal at a video game keynote is an honor usually only given to titles that will elicit a large amount of excitement. At the Playstation Experience in 2015, this privilege was given to Paragon. A new MOBA by Epic Games that aimed to be more ambitious than anything else in the genre. But now, less than 3 years later, Paragon servers are shutting down forever. Without the game having ever left open beta.  

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An Update!

Hello everyone! I am making this post to give you all an update on the future of the site, and what has been decided. I have spent the last week thinking very hard about what I believe the site needs, as well as what I think I need. I also had a great conversation with Cortjezter last night, and that really helped me solidify my plans. 

For starters, I'm not going anywhere. I love this site, and have a difficult time imagining not being a part of it. I can't promise that I'll be here forever, but I am happy to announce that I won't be leaving anytime soon.

This, however, doesn't mean that everything will stay the same. The biggest change is that I will no longer be posting news stories. While I know a lot of you come here just for the news, it obviously isn't working. GoingSony needs to be growing faster than it is, and that means trying something different. I also have to start thinking about my own financial future, as well as developing my skills further. Posting news stories all day doesn't allow for me to explore other opportunities to make a living, or to try out new things here on the site. 

I understand that these changes will mean that I lose a lot of you. But I hope that, at the very least, you understand why I had to make that decision. It is possible that I can bring back the news stories in the future once I am more financially stable, so don't give up hope just yet. If you do plan on leaving the site, all I ask is that you at least follow GoingSony on Twitter. I plan on becoming much more active there, and will even tweet my opinion regarding smaller bits of news. And if I ever bring back the daily stories, I will make an announcement there to inform you.

But enough with the bad news, lets talk about what you can expect to see here on the sight soon.

Editorials - I have decided to write a lot more articles here on GoingSony. But they are going to be different than the Lgndary Thoughts you know. Some of them will simply be opinion pieces, where I briefly talk about my feelings regarding a recent announcement or decision in the gaming industry. But others will be fully fledged articles. They will be much longer than what you are used to, and will have a lot more detail. I hope to write articles that I can be proud of, and I still have a lot to learn when it comes to writing. Not posting news stories will allow me to work on that, and improve the quality of my writing.

Streaming - Not having to post news stories daily will also give me the time to do some video game streaming. Streaming should be easy enough to do, and it will be a great way for me to connect more with fans of the site. I want to do this right, so it may take some time to figure out the best days, etc. to stream. But I hope to get started very soon.

Video content - A lot of you messaged me saying that you would like to see me take a shot at video content. And after speaking with him on the phone, Cortjezter has convinced me that I have the perfect voice for some type of video content. I won't be able to do a podcast, at least not yet, but I would like to try a weekly video where I go over the biggest stories of the week. Maybe I could even include trivia, or other fun things. The videos will easily be the most challenging content that I do, as I have no idea where to begin, but it is certainly something you can look forward to.

Those three pieces of content will be the bulk of GoingSony for the time being. I have a couple more ideas, like bringing back giveaways, but for now you can look forward to more articles, streaming, and videos. I am also going to be working on a getting a Patreon set up for those that want to help out.

Having said all of that, I want to be clear about something. All of this was decided upon in the last week. I have a lot to learn about the logistics of the new pieces of content. So it may be awhile before I get into the flow of things, and am producing new articles and videos at a steady pace. I hope that you all continue to be patient with me as I get everything figured out. I can't give a specific timeline now, but I can say that my first article will be about the death of Paragon, so please look forward  to it!

To close, I just want to thank everyone again for your patience and understanding. And if anyone has any other suggestions or questions for me, please don't hesitate to say something. I can be reached at the GoingSony gmail account, or on Twitter.

The Future of GoingSony (UPDATED)

An important message that everyone should read

UPDATE: I just wanted to touch base with you all, and let you know that an update is on the way. There are a couple of things I need to do before saying anything, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of days. Thank you all for your kind comments, and your patience. 

As of this month, I have been working on GoingSony for 4 years. I have posted thousands of news stories, and hundreds of Lgndary Thoughts.

And it isn’t working. 

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Officially Announced

Launching September 21st

Spider-Man Gets A Release Date

Sony has announced that Spider-Man will launch for the Playstation 4 on September 7th of this year. 

Additionally, a digital deluxe edition was revealed that will include the base game and additionally DLC chapters for $80. 

And those that pre-order the game will receive the following goodies:

  • Spider-man physical pin
  • Spidey suit pack
  • Spider drone gadget
  • Spider-man PS4 theme
  • Spider-man PS4 avatar