Unravel 2 Revealed and Released

Priced at $20

Team up with Yarny in Unravel Two as you chase the spark of adventure. Form new bonds with friends in seamless local co-op, or create two Yarnys of your own and explore a blossoming world. 

Jump, slide, swing, and run faster than ever through beautiful natural landscapes and complex urban areas to solve challenging puzzles and watch your environment come to life. 

Unravel 2 was officially revealed at EA's press conference just moments ago. You can see the trailer and game description above, with details from the keynote below. I have also placed the purchase page at the source link below!

  • Can be played solo, or with a friend
  • There are always two characters, even when playing single player
  • Characters can be combined for during fast paced moments
  • For puzzles, characters will be split and controlled separately
  • Available now

Battlefield V - E3 Multiplayer Trailer And Details

I've placed the official description of the trailer, as well as some details revealed during EA's press conference below!

Every battle is unique. Every mode its own challenge. Battlefield V multiplayer provides unmatched intensity and scale in a sandbox of all-out war.

Take on classic modes like Conquest or experiences like Grand Operations, where you'll participate in vast historical battles across multiple maps – and modes – and relive moments of bravery and desperation while fighting your way to the final objective. 

  • Players can smash through windows
  • Weapons, such as turrets, can be moved throughout the battlefield
  • Tanks can rip through and destroy entire houses
  • Soliders are customizable
  • Single player stories will be present
  • No lootboxes or premium pass reconfirmed 
  • Battle Royale mode confirmed, more info later this year

Omensight Livestream! UPDATE - Done!

I'll be playing for about an hour starting at 8PM ET

Thanks for watching everyone! Like always, I'll be streaming again at the same time next week. If anyone has any suggestions for what they would like to see streamed, let me know!

Dragon's Crown Pro Preview Livestream Tomorrow!

Monster Hunter World - Dante Outfit Launches April 27th

Emotes also previewed

The outfit will be free, but the emotes shown in the trailer are paid DLC.

Overwatch - Blackwatch Moira Costume Revealed