Bungie responds to PvE criticism in Destiny 2 beta

For those that don't know, there have been quite a few Destiny players complaining about how PvP balancing is affecting the PvE content in the Destiny 2 beta. Luckily for those players, Bungie is already way ahead of them. Here is what they had to say:

The PVE game tuning has changed pretty significantly since the Beta build was deployed. The nature of a Beta of this scale requires that it’s based off a build of the game that is now months old. So, in many cases, your feedback is helping us validate changes that were previously made based on internal feedback and playtesting. For example, we too felt that ammo (especially power ammo) was too scarce in PvE. In addition to returning the drop rates, we built a system that guarantees power ammo drops for you and your Fireteam from certain enemies, giving power weapons a more reliable and predictable role in your arsenal. Other areas where we’ve made significant tuning changes include grenade effectiveness in PvE, Boss vitality, and weapon damage against non-player combatants.

Crash Bandicoot Was the Best Selling Retail Game in June

In a press release issued earlier today, Activision revealed that Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy was the best selling retail game in June. 

You can read the CEO's statement below:

"The fan response to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has been tremendous with the title landing at number one worldwide in physical game sales, even though it was only on shelves for two days in June. We’re thrilled that there seems to be a whole lot of people out there who love Crash as much we do. To thank Crash fans, we’re excited to release Stormy Ascent, the infamous unfinished level from the original game for the very first time. And it’s free to fans for the first month. We look forward to watching some epic speed runs online!”

Crystal Dynamics celebrates their 25th anniversary

Crystal Dynamics is turning 25, and Square Enix wants everyone to know about it! They released a press release earlier today announcing the news. And you can read that press release below:

REDWOOD SHORES, CA (July 18, 2017) –  This July marks the 25th anniversary for Crystal Dynamics®, the studio behind the critically acclaimed and world-famous TOMB RAIDER® franchise which has sold over 58 million copies globally.  In celebration, the studio has organized a series of charitable events and activities that takes us on a trip down memory lane, commemorating Crystal’s 25 years of producing unforgettable experiences.

“The collaboration of our top industry talent all focused on creating ground-breaking, unprecedented gaming experiences is the engine that drives Crystal,” said Ron Rosenberg, Co-Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics. “We’re extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished over the last twenty-five years, and, as we look to the future, we are excited to bring our passion and craftsmanship to even more games including the 'Avengers' project.”

Casey Hudson returning to Bioware

Casey Hudson has announced that he will be returning to Bioware as the new general manager. Here is his announcement post:

Almost twenty years ago, I decided to apply for a job as a technical artist at a local video game company in Edmonton. Young, and fresh out of University, I’m not sure what I expected it to lead to. But it was the beginning of a career full of experiences and shared accomplishments I never could have dreamed of. So when I left BioWare three years ago, it was the most difficult decision of my career. I needed some time off, needed a bit of change, and wanted to get involved in the new wave of disruptive technologies that were emerging.

The last few years have been transformative for me, from having time to reflect on what I most want to do, to working with new technologies at platform scale. And now, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to return to lead BioWare – a studio that I think of as home.

I’d also like to wish my good friend Aaryn Flynn the very best in the future. Aaryn and I have worked together from the earliest days of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, to setting the foundation for Anthem. We’ve been through a lot together, and we’re all going to miss his presence at the studio.

I think I speak for everyone who has worked with Aaryn – and our fans – when I say thank you for everything. BioWare continues to hold a special magic – full of profoundly talented people, and an inspiring creative energy. When I look at the stunning progress Aaryn and the team has made with Anthem, and the other projects in the works, I truly believe our best is yet to come.

FFXIV - Update on the DDoS Attacks

As some of you may know, the Final Fantasy XIV servers have been going through a DDoS attack for the past few weeks. Square Enix has done what they can to mitigate these attacks, but now the attacks are being directed at ISPs. Here is more detail from Square:

Until now, we have been implementing defensive measures at our own facilities to combat DDoS attacks against our FINAL FANTASY XIV game servers, and have been able to keep the impact to services at a minimum.

However, since July the attacks have shifted away from the FINAL FANTASY XIV game servers and the target has changed to focus on the upper-tier internet service providers (ISPs) that are required to connect to the data center. These attacks to the upper-tier ISP network are causing lapses in communication to the game servers, giving rise to instant disconnects during logins.

Because we can no longer combat the situation on our own, we have been in contact with the upper-tier ISPs, who have then been taking defensive measures sequentially on their end.

This implementation has already been effective; however, there is the possibility that the attacks could occur again. Therefore, we will seek to strengthen our cooperation with the upper-tier ISPs and continue observing our defenses.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing, and ask for your patience and understanding as we work with the ISPs to provide the maximum defense possible. We thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Re:Legend Kickstarter launch date announced

Check out the press release here:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - July 13, 2017/ Washed ashore on the island of Vokka, you have been given a chance at a brand new life. The soil is fertile, the land is teeming with wildlife, and the locals seem friendly enough. Time to get cracking!

Re:Legend launches its Kickstarter campaign Wednesday, July 26. An all-encompassing simulator-RPG hybrid with strong monster raising and multiplayer features, Re:Legend is the co-op adventure developers Magnus Games have been craving long before they began development almost two years ago. 

Your first few days in Re:Legend might consist of planting a few crops to subsist on, trading part of your harvest with the villagers, and eventually gaining enough resources to build a comfortable home. But as you go about your business, you will discover what makes Vokka Island unique: the presence of numerous monster-like creatures called Magnus. By taming and befriending wild Magnus like the adorable Momochi and Draconewt, this new world will truly open up to you. From helping you in a wealth of activities to carrying you across the island, loyal Magnus are the key to a prosperous life.

Magnus Games will release Re:Legend on PC (Windows) and intend on supporting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch if Kickstarter stretch goals are met.

Cuphead will never be available on PS4

Hoping to play Cuphead on a Playstation 4? Well, I am here to crush your dreams! The developers of the upcoming platformer have taken to neogaf to make it perfectly clear that they will never release their game on Playstation. Here is the statement:

"Yes, this Cuphead game is exclusive to Xbox and PC (with Steam and WIn10 versions at launch and a GOG release likely shortly after). There will likely be a Mac version down the road and possibly a Linux version beyond that (unless we lose our houses or whatever)... We own the Cuphead IP."

I think this is very unfortunate, and it doesn't really make any sense. If they own the IP, then what is stopping them from porting it?

Assassin's Creed Animated Series Announced

An Assassin's Creed Anime has been announced for Netflix! The producer of Netflix's upcoming Castlevania series announced the project through social media earlier today. You can read his statement below:

I'm happy to let you guys know that I've selected my next project! I played the first edition of Assassin's Creed the year I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream. At that moment I knew absolutely no one in the industry and could never have imagined that one day Ubisoft would ask me to take the world of Assassin's Creed and create an original story set in it as an anime series. If anyone tells you not to follow your passion in life they are wrong.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - Off Screen Gameplay

Bandai Namco also announced that Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time will be heading west early next year. Here is their official press release making the announcement:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is glad to announce today a new entry in the JRPG genre with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time; coming to the Americas in early 2018 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC via STEAM. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a heart-pounding 3D action JRPG beat ‘em up featuring an original storyline carved from the popular anime series by Studio Trigger, a Tokyo-based anime production company; now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle Delayed

Here is the official announcement from NIS America:

We regret to inform that Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®Vita will have a new release date of October 10 in North America and October 13 in Europe to accommodate the production and manufacturing of the game.