Shadow of the Tomb Raider - New Gameplay and Details Revealed

Here are a few tidbits revealed during Square's conference:

  • Lara's goal is to try and stop a Mayan apocalypse
  • Trinity will serve as the antagonists 
  • New traversal techniques being implemented
  • Full underwater exploration 
  • One of the biggest hub worlds in a Tomb Raider game

Tons of new Fallout 76 details revealed

  • Prequel to all Fallouts
  • Takes place in West Virginia
  • Play as one of the first people to emerge from a vault
  • Player character spent 25 years in the vault before the start of the game
  • Using new rendering, lighting, and landscaping technology
  • Will feature six distinct regions for players to explore
  • West Virginian folklore served as inspiration
  • Entirely online
  • Option to play solo available
  • Quests, leveling, etc. are still present
  • Servers will only have a few dozen people in them at a time
  • Can choose to play with friends
  • Strong player choice featured
  • Emotes 
  • Can build camps
  • Dedicated servers confirmed
  • Years of support promised
  • Can launch nukes
  • A beta will be available later this year
  • Launching November 14th

Bethesda Reveals Wolfenstein: Young Blood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood introduces the next Blazkowicz generation to the fight against the Nazis. Play as one of BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph, as you search for your missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

  • Features BJ's twin daughters as playable characters
  • Set in 1980's Paris
  • Fully Co-op
  • Solo play is an option
  • Launching next year

Doom Eternal Announced

And here are the details from the show:

  • Sequel to 2016's Doom
  • Doomslayer will feel more powerful
  • Twice as many demons
  • Will feature hell on earth
  • A ton of new features
  • Full reveal coming in August

The Elder Scrolls VI Announced

Nothing but a logo for now

Starfield Officially Confirmed by Bethesda

No other information was given, but Bethesda confirmed that it is a single-player epic, and referred to it as a next-gen game. I'm not sure if they meant it would be a PS5 game, or if they just meant it is very ambitious, but I'll update if they clarify.