New info for Cyberpunk 2077

Very disappointed with no third person

  • Game is FPS perspective
  • FPS perspective made to feel more personal
  • RPG with Shooter Elements not a Shooter with RPG elements
  • Multiple different progression systems (Skills, Perks, etc.)
  • V, the protagonist, is a urban merc/hired gun.
  • Full character creation system (Gender, Looks, Lifepath/Backstory)
  • You DO NOT pick classes in the beginning, class system is fluid based on choices
  • Dystopian Cyberpunk future shown in sunlight on purpose. Full Day/Night Cycle. Noir themes bleed through environment and aesthetic
  • Characters from Cyberpunk 2020 lore will appear
  • Netrunner Techie and Solo are main focused classes
  • You can combine classes
  • Optional classes exist (like Rockerboy and Corporate) and you can pull perks from them to add into your own custom class
  • Story and quest system from Witcher 3 is implemented into Cyberpunk similarly.
  • Choice and consequence is HUGE. Emphasized that the game is an RPG first and foremost
  • Story is personalized by player choice.
  • Combat - Ranged combat and Melee combat. Learned lessons from Witcher 3. FPS Melee combat.
  • Three branches of weapons: Power Weapons (heavy hitting/stagger), Tech Weapons (penetrating through cover), Smart Weapons (tracking/following)
  • Motorcycles, Cars included
  • Flying cars hinted at
  • V is a fully voiced character. Both Male and Female completely voiced.
  • V's personality is shaped by player. Backstory and interactions shape V's personality.
  • Cyberpunk is a dark dystopia in the same vein as Witcher 3 being Dark Fantasy
  • World design was a huge focus in setting the tone.
  • Night City - in between SF and LA (fictional city). Inspired by both cities.
  • 6 unique districts in the city. Each area has its own feel on top of the base Noir feel
  • Exploration is encouraged.
  • Described as vertically huge.
  • You can enter buildings, Mega Buildings exist as well with multiple floors and multiple areas to explore within a single building.
  • No level scaling. 
  • Two forms of XP: Core XP - Main Missions and Street Cred - Side missions
  • Higher Street Cred opens new exclusive vendors and fixers
  • No loading screens.

Telltale Games to develop game based on Stranger Things

Sony is preventing people from using their Epic accounts with Fortnite Switch

Those who have previously played Fortnite on PS4 will see the above message if they try to use that same account with the Switch version. To be clear, this is 100% the doing of Sony, and not Nintendo or Epic. 

This is a disgusting practice that needs to be changed as soon as possible. Hopefully the outrage will reach Sony, and a fix can be implemented soon.

Head of Ubisoft Says Assassin's Creed is not returning to yearly releases

In the interview above, around the 6:40 mark, Yves Guillemot states that Assassin's Creed will not be returning to a yearly launch schedule, despite launching Assassin's Creed Odyssey one year after Origins.

He says that this is because the dev team is done with Odyssey, and that they are ready to release it now. Be cautious though, as he has said this exact thing about Assassin's Creed games in the past.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Heading To PS4

New Star Wars: Battlefront II details Revealed

At their E3 press conference, EA talked about the future of Star Wars: Battlefront II, and what fans of the game can expect in the future. Here are the details

  • New squad system to be added where players can team up with friends
  • They are working on a large scale multiplayer sandbox experience 
  • The Clone Wars will be tackled later this year
  • Will include the largest level ever
  • Playable characters include General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Anakin

New Star Wars Title In Development At Respawn

At EA's press conference, a member of Respawn's development team briefly talked about a new Star Wars game that they are, amongst other things, currently working on. Very few details were given, but I have compiled what was said below:

  • Titled Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Takes place between episode III and IV
  • Takes place during a dark period when Jedi's are being hunted
  • Will launch holiday 2019

Streaming Tonight!

Like I said in the tweet, I'll be streaming tonight at 8PM ET for about an hour. I think I Wednesdays at 8 will be my standard streaming time for now, so you all can expect that on a weekly basis until something changes. 

Also, I will be reviewing Omensight next week. So be sure to look forward to that!

Overwatch - Avoid Player Feature Launch Date Announced

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's Director, has taken to the official forums to reveal that the Avoid Player feature will launch in-game on April 10th. 

The feature will allow players to prevent up to two players from being on their team, but not from playing against them. Additionally, players that are avoided several times will receive a warning message.