Destiny - Xur's Inventory for this week

Xur is located in the Reef this week, with the following items in stock:

  • Legacy engram [Leg armor] – 29SC
  • The Glasshouse [Exotic Titan helmet] – 13SC
  • Sealed Ahamkara Grasps [Exotic Hunter gauntlets] – 13SC
  • The Impossible Machines [Exotic Warlock gauntlets] – 13SC
  • Bad Juju [Exotic fusion pulse rifle] – 23SC
  • Three of Coins – 7SC
  • MIDA Multi-Tool and Special Ops [weapon bundle] – 30SC, 25 Silver Dust
  • Zhalo Supercell and Not a Toy [weapon bundle] – 30SC, 25 Silver Dust

Fortnite surpasses one million players

Plus a survival mode announcement

Duck Game - PS4 Release Date Announced

Yakuza 6 - Release Date and special edition revealed

Sega has announced a March 20th release date for Yakuza 6L The Song of Life in the US and Europe. They also took the time to reveal what they call the After Hours Premium Edition, which is priced at $90 and includes the following content:

  • Hardcover Art Book – The intense human drama and magnetic world of Yakuza 6 will be on display in this stunning art book. We’ll have more details on what will fill the pages at a later date.
  • 2 Bar Glasses (280ml) – Designed with Kiryu’s ferocious dragon tattoo, these bar glasses are the perfect receptacles for your beverage of choice.
  • 2 Ice Stones – Cool down your drinks with a pair of heat action branded ice stones! One features the flame heat action icon, while the other has the Japanese “kiwami” heat action icon. Chilling has never been so… extreme.
  • 2 Coasters – A true yakuza knows how to relax with class, so coasters are a must have when lounging after hours. Protect table surfaces with style by placing your glasses on top of official Tojo Clan branded coasters. Plus, you won’t need to play the “is this my drink?” game because of their inverted colors!

An Outer Box – All of these essential tools will be housed within a collectible outer box.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gets a release date

Monster Hunter World to be playable at TGS

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World will be playable at their booth at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 21st. 

Unfortunately, Capcom did not reveal their full lineup for TGS, or any other details for that matter. But I'll update as soon as they do!

Sony reveals their PAX West Lineup


  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • PlayLink: Hidden Agenda
  • PlayLink: That’s You!
  • PlayLink: Knowledge is Power
  • PlayLink: Frantics
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Knack 2
  • Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
  • Swords of Ditto
  • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
  • Tooth and Tail
  • Burly Men at Sea
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Samurai Shodown V Special
  • Omen of Sorrow
  • Windjammers
  • Hob
  • Battle Chasers


  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • The Inpatient
  • Bravo Team
  • Kaiju Driving Range
  • Moss
  • Star Child
  • League of War: VR Arena
  • Sparc

Harley-Davidson motorcycles to be features in The Crew 2

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew 2 will include Harley-Davidson motorcycles when it launches early next year. The first model to be included is the one pictured above, but they plan on release more bikes over time once the game is released. 

No other details were revealed, but I'll be sure to update when that changes.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Patch 1.01 out now

Here are the notes!

  • Fixed a potential progression stopping bug in the Fenrir Cave by the ‘M’ rune door puzzle.
  • Fixed a potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave due to check pointing after skipping a lit region.
  • Fixed potential progression stopping bug in Fenrir Cave if player fails to collect floor rune after combat and subsequently dies.
  • Fixed collision issues that could allow players to unintentionally exit the game world.
  • Various subtitle localization fixes across a number of languages.
  • Fixed an issue where key bindings and run toggle were not being saved between game sessions on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not load on start up on PC.
  • In addition to bug fixes, combat gameplay has been tweaked and Russian subtitles added to the Hellblade feature.