What IS THE Best VideoGame Of All Time For Any Console? Super Mario? Snatcher? Crash? Halo?

This is a Sony site but I'm opening the doors a bit today

The PS4 and Xbox One has arrived pretty much worldwide and is soon take over people's living rooms (or bedrooms). Projects will get unfinished, sleep loss will occur more frequently, more time off will be taken from work just to experience what the new generation has to offer. 

It's not surprising to see launch games for new consoles to be in general 'stellar' from the get go but we all know what ends up happening. A new AAA game comes out about a year later and is categorized as one of the best games of all time. Look at Wii U and the new Super Mario game.

It made me think this afternoon what IS the best game of all time? If I ask my parents, they will tell me Pac-Man. My brother thinks the NBA 2K games are the best. At one point I thought Super Mario Bros 3 was the best until this game arrived. Read more at that link what that game is. One game that also sticks out for me is SEGA's own Nights Into Dreams. Aside from the breathtaking artistic graphics and music, I felt that the controls were mind-blowing at the time and in some ways paved the way for games like when Super Mario came out for the N64.

So what do you think is THE best game of all time? I'll take a tally and see what games you guys think is the best.

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Personally it always depends on what I feel like at the moment. It's not that I'm indecisive. It comes down to the fact that there are so many games to chose from, so I'd feel silly to just choose one.

That being said, of the games that speak to me I'd also like to point out NiGHTS. I absolutely adore Secret Of Mana. More recently I have enjoyed The Walking Dead (Telltale). Of course I can always go with a Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, or a Halo.

If I had to point to a game that caught me off guard then I'd go with the original Resident Evil for the PSX. The only other game that really shocked me, though admittedly to a lesser extent, was Silent Hill Shattered Memories (the way it profiles).

Again simply because of the amount of games I've played and the variety of those experiences I'd feel foolish to think of a be all, end all "number one". But that's just me...

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