Free Multiplayer Killzone Coming Soon To Those That Have Not Bought The Game, Clans, Voice Chatter and More!

Killzone Shadow Falls has arrived in the US for awhile with pretty good impressions, feedback and reviews. Obviously being that it is a launch title, some gamers felt that the game should have more features especially in the multiplayer aspect. In a Q&A interview here, Guerrilla Games has leaked some really cool details in terms of multiplayer.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • They are planning to give Killzone Shadow Fall 'Multiplayer' for free online on the 28&29th of December. If you haven't purchased this title yet, you will be able to try the multiplayer setting for free.
  • Guerrilla Games couldn't get in everything in time so are currently looking to bring in voice chat.
  • Multiplayer 'chatter' being customized where you can hear your allies voices via customization and more. Guerrilla Games thought at first that the game was noisy as it is already but perhaps they took it too far.
  • Clan support will come out in stages. First in basic steps and then will expand it into more exciting things sometime early next year.
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