MLB The Show 18 - Review Roundup


Sony's flagship baseball franchise has never been better.


The improvements this year are great, but depending on your tastes may not be applicable. If you don’t like RTTS and/or are a hardcore Diamond Dynasty player, then you might not fully appreciate what MLB The Show 18 has to show in terms of improvements this year. And, old problems such as lag, and dry commentary still exist.

Gaming Age:

It’s far from perfect, but, as I said earlier, it offers a solid baseball experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Trusted Reviews:

Some fans may feel aggrieved at the removal of certain modes. Season mode is now completely absent, meaning you’ll have to battle through the entire 162 games if you want to complete a year in Franchise Mode, and some of the creation options have been stripped out of the game entirely. However, this is easily one of the strongest sports franchises out there.

US Gamer:

This year's main improvement streamlines the various management phases so their flow is easier to understand, but otherwise it remains much the same. As it is, The Show's franchise mode is a fully-featured management mode that does a good job representing the day-to-day of running a team. But if you're looking for a splash of narrative, you won't find it in The Show's franchise mode.

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