Lgndary Thoughts - The End of Major PS4 Updates?

A major firmware update launched for Playstation 4 about a week ago bringing the system up to version 5.5. But while the update was considered a major one, the feature list begs to differ. What does that mean for software updates going forward? Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

I’ve talked before about how the Xbox One does software updates much better, especially when it comes to how often they are released (average once a month). And I am often told the same thing in response: “The Xbox One is much more like a PC, which makes it a lot easier for Microsoft to push updates faster”. I don’t really buy that the architecture of the PS4 is holding Sony back in any serious way when it comes to speed, but that isn’t something that I am going to focus on today. Because Sony no longer just has a problem with the rate of updates, they have a problem with the quality of them as well.

Despite being a major update for the PS4, version 5.5 only served to introduce modest, mostly boring improvements. If I had to pick the most significant change that 5.5 brought, I would probably have to choose the ability to use images as a custom background (something that should have been available at launch). 

To compare, here is a look at a few features that were added to the Xbox One over the past few months:

  • Game hub information available in the guide
  • Ability to target specific achievements to unlock
  • Ability to save console settings to the cloud
  • Ability to gift games to friends

All of these additions are far more useful and interesting than anything that Sony has brought to the PS4 in awhile. And that is the issue, It wasn’t just 5.5 that was dull. PS4 updates have been lacking for a long time now, with most of them only offering behind the scenes improvements, over user level additions.

I can’t help but feel that Sony is simply done updating their console. To some, this may not be a big deal. I’m sure the PS5 is right around the corner after all. But there are still so many quality of life features that the PS4 could use, and I believe it is a mistake to be done with it where it is now. 

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