FFXIV Patch 4.25 Screenshots

Launching March 13th


Yet more content for XIV, I can barely keep up as it is.

So Hero, I have to ask, how did the housing battle (blood bath) go for you? Were you finally able to get a plot/house like you’ve been wanting?

Oh I completely forgot, I had meant to say something. But yes, house acquired! It wasn't the one I wanted, but at least I have a house now. And I can always transfer to the plot I want when they add more of them.

Congratulations! That’s wonderful! Any Plot in XIV is great, they are the most valuable “item” to buy in the game. I’m very happy for you.
And like you said, you can always transfer Plots later. Doing that now is so much easier, it’s really nice. I was amazed how simple it was when I moved. So much better than it used to be. So did you at least get a Plot in Shirogane like you had planned? Or is it in another district?
Congrats again!

Lavender Beds. I actually had a plot in Shirogane but a friend of mine wasn't able to get one there, so I transferred plots so we could be neighbors. We both plan on moving to Shirogane when more plots are available!

Tue Mar 06 18 05:31pm
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Well congrats on both counts! I think it’s really great you were able to find a plot in Shiro and also great you managed to get a place in the Lavender Beds. I think it’s really nice of you to move to be closer to a friend.

And the Lavender is great! It’s always been my favorite. I’m happy to say too, that I finally got to move there after four years of waiting. I recently moved both of my houses to new locations and I moved my FC house to the Lavender.

Congrats again!

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