OK K.O. Let's Play Heroes - Gameplay Trailer

Along with the release of the above trailer, Cartoon Network also took the time to reveal that Let's Play Heroes will be launching on January 23. 

It will be available for PS4 as a digital only download.

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Day one buy for me! I love the show, and this game looks just as funny! I totally recommend the show to anyone who likes adventure time, regular show, stuff like that.

I had never actually heard of the show before the game was announced. Would you say it is similar to Adventure Time, or just that fans of Adventure Time will enjoy this show as well?

It's similar in the way of a young lads coming of age story, but instead of a world with candy people and crazy adventures through it, it's a kids first job and he wants to be a hero, so he works at a convenience store to get stronger lmao cartoon network actually has the episodes online for free!

Oh cool! I'll have to check it out sometime. Thanks!

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