Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Review Roundup

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A DLC that as is, is up there with House of Wolves as the worst Destiny add-on to date. It's a stop-gap solution meant to spackle some of the game's cracks, and the real coat of paint hasn't quite come yet. Destiny 2 is still a fantastic shooter at heart, Bungie just hasn't figured out how to actually incorporate all of the Frankensteined MMO parts.


My only small concern with the story is that Curse of Osiris feels very isolated from everything else that has happened so far in Destiny.


Enigmatic, visually stunning, but so far a bit lacking in substance.


As you work your way toward the new level cap of 25 and power level of 330-335 (depending on mods), there’s a decent amount of new content to experience. Sure, Mercury’s small and the strikes are a letdown, but between the world building, new gear, and gameplay features such as new Crucible maps and Raid Lairs, there’s a fair amount of fun to be had in Curse of Osiris.

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