Tue Dec 05 17 03:19pm
Rating: 2

If I hadn’t already planned on buying this game, been a Dissida fan since the very first one, bought a PSP for it in fact; this trailer alone would have sold me. It’s swesome! I really hope it sells well, been far too long since 2011’s “Duodecim.”

Once they confirmed they were working on a Ps4 version, I picked up a Ps4 lol I've been waiting for a console Dissidia since the original! It was the only reason I had a PSP back then, too.

How do you feel about the 3v3 aspect? To be honest, after playing the demo, I can say I wish it was still a 1v1 game, but I know there is a huge appeal in Japan for 3v3 arcade games.

sonic guy00
Wed Dec 06 17 04:05pm
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Sorry for double posting!

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