Super Mighty Power Man Kickstarter Launched

The Kickstarter for Super Mighty Power Man has officially launched with the developer seeking about $60,000 in funding. 

A PS4 version is not planned for the base funding, but a stretch goal for the system will be unlocked if the title reaches $105,000.

A list of features can be found here:

  • Experience a 2D action-platformer in the purest NES form without sacrificing any of today’s technological advancements.
  • Ability to switch between 8 different suits and master their respective weapons and abilities!
  • Excellent responsive controls to test your skills in different environments filled with traps and enemies!
  • Cool gameplay elements and level design!
  • True 8-bit NES aesthetics featuring colorful sprites and backgrounds!
  • Cute and appealing cast of characters introduced via short, humorous cinematics.
  • Encounters with countless different creatures and defeat giant bosses!
  • Levels packed with secrets, alternative paths, and items to collect!
  • Complete the full collection and the various objectives to unlock new features.
  • Awesome NES chiptune soundtracks with cool melodies and catchy rhythms!
  • Full support of all types of controllers and customizable personal settings.

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Tue Nov 14 17 10:24pm
Rating: 1

This looks pretty awesome. Definitely backing it.

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