Lgndary Thoughts - What Are You Playing?

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is finally here! This week was a little bit slower than usual, so I decided to end it with a casual Lgndary Thought to help wind things down. So tell me, what are you playing?!

As always, I will start with Final Fantasy XIV. Things in my favorite MMO have slowed down a touch as the new update approaches, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. I actually hit the 50% mark in the final raid fight just yesterday, and that was just my second day learning the fight! I was hoping to clear it before 4.1 drops, but unfortunately that won’t happen. Maybe next time though?

Other than Final Fantasy, I have been using my PS4 a lot for Street Fighter V. I’ve owned the game since launch, but have had no idea what I was doing until a couple weeks ago. I finally decided to get serious about learning how to play the game and looked into many different guides. I eventually stumbled upon a Discord server specifically for people to help others learn fighting games. They were incredibly helpful and because of them I actually have a fundamental understand of what I should be doing in the game. I still have a tremendous amount of progress to make, but I have taken the first steps and am more excited than ever.

Moving onto other systems, I have been spending a good amount of time with my Switch over the past week. With the launch of Golf Story, Picross S, and Stardew Valley there are almost too many games to play! While I have been enjoying Golf Story and Picross S, I think I am going to focus on Stardew Valley for a little while. I haven’t been able to play too much yet, but I am loving every minute that I do get to play, and the potential for this game seems huge. 

That is all from me! Be sure to leave a comment below letting us know what you’ve been playing, or are looking forward to playing in the near future. It doesn’t even have to be a Playstation game! 

Thanks everyone, have a good weekend!

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I picked up Gundam Versus, and, having never played the series before, I find myself really enjoying this console version of an arcade game. I started watching Gundam 00 so I wouldn't be completely lost, but you don't need to know anything other than melee cancelling and boost diving.

Because of Agents of Mayhem coming out I remembered that I never finished Saint's Row 4. Since I was going to start over anyway I picked up the PS4 version. So much fun! I also picked up Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash because tits are life and ass is hometown.

Lmao that last sentence just made my morning little bit better.

But have you tried Agents of Mayhem yet? I've heard that it didn't sell too well, but that people were generally enjoying the game. Curious to hear what you think.

I did pick up Agents of Mayhem but decided to focus on Saint's Row first, since it's long overdue for completion. I tried Agents a little bit but not enough to comment a lot on it yet. I will say I had a feeling it wouldn't sell well. I initially had no interest in the game because based on the marketing I thought it was another online character based shooter like Overwatch. I was very surprised to hear that it had no multiplayer to speak of. Clearly the marketing was bad and now we're seeing the result. Something else to consider, the game has a very cartoony appearance but it's not suitable for kids due to the adult content. I don't have a problem with adult content, quite the opposite, but a game will have a hard time finding an audience when it's so mixed up tonally.

I completely agree about the marketing. I remember posting about it a good amount but never felt like there was any sort of hype surrounding the game.

Anyways, whenever you do get around to playing it you'll have to let us know what you think.

Glad to hear you’re still playing Final Fantasy XIV. I recently picked up playing the game again myself, I’m currently working my way through the main Stormblood campaign. I’ve long since got my PLD to 70 (currently i320); just have to get through the story now. Just unlocked the 2nd Primal fight tonight, the one with the snake people. Are you going to try to get a house in the new district on Tuesday? I would love one, but I can’t deal with the stress (read: bloodbath) that it will entail.

Other than that, just Overwatch, looking forward to the new event also on Tuesday and some Golf Story on the Switch, its a good game.

Yes, I am going to try for a house and I am terrified. But I have prepared myself as much as possible. I memorized the route that I am going to take to get to my preferred house, but also have backup plots that I would be happy getting if I cat snag my first choice. I even put sticky notes on my TV next to the ward list to I can easily see which of my favorite plots are still open lol. Wish me luck!

Hey, how’d it go? Did you have any luck? I really hope you did! I heard from some of my friends their were 1,000 person que’s and lots of load/lag issues. And the new plots were gone in 5 minutes tops. I didn’t try, was as you put it “terrified” to even try. It’s most certainly not a fair or well designed system for in-game housing; it’s really something they should make improvements too.

I am happy to say, it cost me 30 million Gil (ouch,) but I just put the Shirogane Castle house glamour (i think that’s what it’s called) on my exsisting house in the Mist. I think it turned out nicely. My decorations were Asian-themed before I even learned about the glamour around two-hours ago, so it was a nice fit.

I very much hope you got a new place and are very happy with it!

It did not go well. I was ready to go right at 6 and a log in error kicked me out. By the time I got back in, I was in a queue of 1,800 people. All the houses were gone by the time I got in. I was pretty pissed about it, but I've calmed down now haha. Congrats on the housing glamour though!

I’m so sorry to hear that! Sadly, your story is about the same as everyone I’ve talked too. And don’t feel bad about being pissed, that’s something else I keep hearing, everyone’s mad. And frankly, rightly so, the housing in XIV is such a broken system. It can ruin a lot of a potentially fun experience for a lot of players. It’s one of the aspects of the game that needs the most work. Does your FC at least have a place?

And thanks! I’m really happy with the way it turned out. 😄

I'm not actually in a FC! I transferred servers about a year ago and haven't been in a FC since then. I'd like to be in one again someday, but I've kinda just been enjoying things on my own for now.

Tue Oct 17 17 01:26am
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Don’t feel bad, I totally understand. And completely don’t blame you! Sometimes it’s nice to just be left alone in XIV. I’m in an FC where everyone else quit, so I’m by myself and don’t mind it at all. I’ve had many invites to other FC’s, but I like going it alone. So I totally understand!

I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter V online matches on my PS4. Now that I’ve started to actually learn the game and how it plays I’m real enjoying it. I’ve also been enjoying Dragonball Xenoverse 2 on my Switch.

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