Lgndary Thoughts - Sony needs to drop disc support for the PS5

In 2009, Sony released the PSP Go, their first ever digital only system. The concept itself was really great, but the execution was awful. Many developers would not realize their titles digitally, meaning PSP Go owners simply lost out on the ability to play them. But even with the Go’s failure, many gamers have been wanting Sony to make a digital only PS4. But is something like that really viable? Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The only real problem with the PSP Go was that it didn't have access to every game released for the PSP. This is something that Sony solved with the release of the PS Vita in 2012. That is when Sony required that every developer release their games digitally. This would ensure that players that only wanted to purchase games digitally could do so without limiting themselves. The same can be said of the PS4, where Sony has also made sure that developers release all of their games digitally. 

But Playstation fans are now of the opinion that Sony’s next system should drop physical discs completely, and be 100% digital. It isn't a horrible idea, but we are nowhere near that possibility. For many fans, their internet is perfectly capable of downloading tremendous games in a timely manner. But the vast majority of people don't have that luxury. To make a digital only system would be to alienate a huge portion of gamers around the world. 

But I do believe that something needs to change. Discs are becoming more and more useless, but they still serve to deliver games physically for those that don't have internet. But instead of discs, I think Sony should consider a different way of accomplishing that. Something like a USB stick, or a cartridge could hold several benefits.

Now, you do not have to tell me all the reasons why this would never work. I completely understand the challenges that come with anything other than discs. But that doesn't mean it is impossible. Yes, cartridges are more expensive to make. But if Sony were to invest in a solution that is both more efficient and cheaper than discs, it could be a great change for every kind of gamer.

What do you think? Should Sony try to develop a new kind of physical media that eliminates the need for a disc drive, without removing the ability to obtain games physically? Or should they just ride out discs until everyone has good enough internet to go digital only? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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I don't know man, I like to have something physical to open and display and a place designed to store my games safely, rather than have to rely on the webs

Optical media costs 1$ for 100 blanks. Mask ROM Carts cost 5-10$ per 64Gbit. It will be discs.

(nand flash isn't really viable for physical game distribution imo)

Psnow is a complete no go. Canada doesn't have unlimited data anything anymore. And game streaming is waaaaaaaay too much. If Sony put digital downloads then I'm good for that

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