Lgndary Thoughts - Playstation Plus Needs to Change

With tomorrow being July 4th, I am not sure how much news there will be. But I'll be sure to post anything I come across!

Do not be fooled by the fact that Playstation Plus members will receive Until Dawn this month. Yes, Until Dawn is actually a great score when it comes to PS Plus titles, but for the past few months the offerings have been less than stellar, and the service as a whole is long overdue for a revamp. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

Playstation Plus launched as a service in June of 2010. Back then, playing online was free, so Sony had to be a lot more creative to make the service attractive. They mostly succeeded in doing this, and a lot more goodies were offered back then. The monthly games were of course there. But there was more than just that.

For starters, there were a lot more random rewards for being a PS Plus member. Many game betas would only be accessible if you were a subscriber. Avatars and themes for PS Plus members were also common.

One of my favorite benefits was the option to try games before they were bought. For the PS3, there were dozens of games that PS Plus members could download and play in full for one hour. The entire game was downloaded, and nothing was restricted, including trophies, for that one hour. It wasn't a groundbreaking, or even widely used, but it was something.

But these benefits have mostly disappeared now that PS Plus is required for online play. Sony has gotten lazy, which is putting it kindly, since they believe PS Plus users will stick around no matter what. While this may be true, it is despicable that Sony behaves this way simply because they can. And changes need to be made to truly make the service worthwhile. 

To start, support for the Playstation 3 needs to stop. Most Playstation fans have moved over to the PS4, and even more have bought the PS4 without previously owning a PS3. The same case can also be made for the PS Vita, albeit to a lesser extent. But whether Sony drops support for both of these systems, or just the PS3, it will be a necessary sacrifice to be able to focus more on PS4 users. The biggest benefit would be from better monthly games, but other things could be done too. 

The point here is that Sony needs to do a lot more than just improve the quality of monthly PS Plus games. When the service first launched, it felt like a monthly goodie bag for subscribers. But now it feels like a requirement that only offers something amazing once in a blue moon. 

At the very least, if Sony doesn't want to return to the glory days of PS Plus, then they need to offer a different option for those who don't want all of the extra benefits. I’m talking about a $20-$25 option that will simply allow subscribers to play games online. I don't believe it to be an ideal situation, but it is something that needs to be seriously considered if Sony refuses to enhance the full subscription.

Where would you like to see Sony take PS Plus? Or maybe you think it is fine the way it is? Either way, be sure to leave a comment below!

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I've been a Xbox player for almost 10 years now with 7 of those years as a full fledged Xbox Live Gold member, and going from being able to keep my games after my Xbox Gold runs out to picking up my first ps4 a couple months back, I have to say, Plus doesn't look that enticing. Sure, some of the games are more recent than the Gold games offered, but with backwards compatibility, I get 4 games a month along with all the other stuff, and when I let my Gold run out in August, I'll be able to continue playing those games because I was Gold when they were available. As far as I've come to understand it, if you stop paying for Plus you lose the games until you renew your Plus.

To me that's just not worth it when they're the same price. I just feel like I'm getting more from Microsoft for that price. I will say I like how some games are free to play online, Marvel Omega and Planet Side 2, and even the Dreadnaught beta are all online yet you don't need Plus to play them, so I can get with that.

I'm not sure what they'd have to add for me to want to sign up for a few months of plus, but a cheaper form of Plus/Gold that lets you play games online without the "free" games sounds good to me for both platforms! I mean sometimes those games aren't even very good, in my opinion.

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