Tons of new Monster Hunter World Details

  • Monster Hunter: World is not a spin-off.
  • Monster Hunter: World was worked on by the main development team in Japan.
  • You can play offline.
  • Fishing, mining, and capturing bugs still in the game.
  • All 14 weapon types confirmed in the game.
  • Tails still cuttable.
  • Hunt, Carve, Forge loop is still there.
  • Still has the same rewarding and challenging gameplay.
  • Health, stamina, potions, sharpness still present.
  • Sound still plays after making a good well done steak.
  • Targeting locked 30FPS across all platforms (referring to console).
  • The game uses the MT Framework.
  • Insect Glaive will be in the game.
  • When asked about Hunter Arts, response was "Brand new title. Brand new gameplay systems in place!"
  • Separate maps, but zones are gone!
  • More clarification on maps/zones: "It's not open world game, but all the maps are massive and wide open, without any loading screens :)"
  • Charge Blade is in, Tonfa is not.
  • No underwater combat.
  • No Prowler Mode in Monster Hunter World.
  • Palicoes are in the game.
  • In-game voice chat is supported.
  • You can either choose to sneak past small monsters to avoid fighting them, or kill them to collect/loot their bodies. The world is "hella flexible."
  • Gestures will be present in Monster Hunter: World.
  • They are completely focused on World for the western markets, and Monster Hunter: World is once again confirmed as the next main title in the series.
  • After being asked if there will be a Monster Hunter 5 or a game for the Japanese audiences, they reply was: "This is the next generation of Monster Hunter!"
  • You can both do drop-in/drop-out co-op, or form a pre-hunt party in Monster Hunter: World.
  • Multiplayer is online-only, there is no local co-op.
  • Monsters will not have health bars, but damage numbers will appear.
  • Monster Hunter World is confirmed to NOT have regenerating health. 

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It sounds like they are deviating waaaaaaay too much from what people liked about MH. I don't like this one bit.

Really, how so? I haven't played much Monster Hunter but I've wanting to get into them for a while

Monster Hunter had always been about calculated motion and knowing how long your animations would last and recognizing how much time you'd have to dodge monster attacks. For example, the game would have an animation after drinking a HP restorative that would lock you into place, making it risky to use in the midst of a fight to encourage you to not get hit. It wasn't impossible by any stretch but you had to really make sure you were in a good spot to pop a potion.

Likewise, many weapons had long attack animations to prevent just mindless button mashing and you had to be sure before you attacked that you'd be able to finish your animation before the monster could retaliate. You often couldn't cancel movements like attacking with a dodge or anything of the like. It was deliberate and added a lot of caution to the game's hunts. It was completely calculated.

With this entry, they are doing away with both of those. All consumable items can be used while running around, which negates any real incentive to not get hit because it's easy to simply just heal up. And you now have a grapple hook that you can seemingly use at any time to get out of a bad situation instead of relying on good position and proper timing. There are lots of other hunting games out there that go this route and it's pretty telling that none of them are as good as Monster Hunter because they are simply too easy and you can just button mash your way through with little worry. As much as I liked Freedom Wars, they had the rapid attacks, free grapple and instant heal type things and monster fights werent very challenging at all. Toukiden even did this too.

I get that they want to draw in more fans by making it easier to play, but all that does is dissaude players who have already played the game and enjoy it's mechanics and challenge. If you are a newer player, then maybe these changes aren't the end of the world, but for people who are veterans to Monster Hunter, those changes alone change a LOT of the difficulty in the game for the worse.

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