All the new Destiny 2 info from the event

  • One Raid at launch confirmed.
  • New UI.
  • The first mission is defending the Tower against the Cabal invasion.
  • Three ability icons in UI. Looks like Jumping Abilities have a cooldown now.
  • Swords confirmed.
  • New heavy weapon types confirmed.
  • The second half of the first mission is an infiltration of a Cabal ship to deactivate a shield generator.
  • Level design looks very dense with enemies and combat.
  • Ultras now have a Raid icon? First boss, Brann, the Unbent Blade. New Cabal enemy type
  • Recover the Vanguard is one of our goals. 
  • Omolon and Haake guns confirmed.
  • More cutscenes than all of D1 combined.
  • Story missions and quests are numerous.
  • Vex enemies confirmed.
  • Exotic Gear confirmed.
  • New weapon slots. Kinetic Slot, Energy Slot, Power Slot. Power Slot includes Snipers, Fusions, LMGs, Rocket Launchers, and grenade launchers.
  • All new Supers. Dawnblade for Warlocks (flaming sword). Sentinel from Titan (summons a shield that can be thrown or used as a melee weapon). Arc Strike for Hunters (summons a powerful staff).
  • PVP modes rescaled for 4v4 instead of 6v6 or 3v3.
  • There's more to do than any game made by Bungie."
  • The campaign is titled "The Red War."
  • First mission is called "Homecoming".
  • Strikes return.
  • New HUD shows enemies with Super Energy and Power Slot Ammo in PVP.
  • New PVP gametypes. 
  • Can launch any new activity without going into orbit.
  • Patrol returns.
  • Treasure maps confirmed.
  • Choosable landing zones implied.
  • NPCs in overworld.
  • Public Events confirmed, with Heroic difficulties.
  • Hidden dungeons called "Lost Sectors".
  • New map system confirmed. It works like the Director, as well. You can go from one planet to another from the map.
  • Multiple new planets confirmed. 
  • European dead zone confirmed! Twice as large as any other zone in Destiny.
  • Titan, Moon of Saturn confirmed. 
  • Io, the moon of Jupiter is also confirmed.
  • Better Clan integration in Destiny 2. In-game rosters, in-Clan LFG, custom Clan banners. Shared reward system for Clans.
  • Matchmaking confirmed.
  • Sparrows return.
  • Some D1 Emotes are returning.
  • New Emotes.
  • New Orbit UI.
  • Player driven tanks confirmed.
  • Beta test coming this summer.

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