Akiba's Beat - Review Roundup

The Sixth Axis:

Akiba’s Beat is a bad game, but it’s an even worse sequel. So many aspects of the previous game, Akiba’s Trip, are abandoned or watered down in this title, from the downgraded graphics, to the lack of customization, the poor characters, and more. Akiba’s Beat abandons it’s roots, instead trying so desperately to fill shoes far too big for it.


Even if Akiba's Beat had a higher budget and more time, it lacks any unique features, mimicking what other games do, but worse. For 40 hours you'll mash X through slow dialogue, then run around a dead environment, and then do more dialogue until you get to mash square against sponges.

God is a Geek:

Akiba’s Beat is a mediocre game that tries to do too many things and be too many games at once without having its own identity. You’d be better off playing Tales of Berseria for your action RPG needs and eventually trying Akiba’s Trip if you still want a taste of this universe. I can’t even imagine how this plays on Vita if I had so many problems with it on PS4. The long load times, floaty combat experience, and overall premise here made me dislike Sunday like it was a Rebecca Black song.

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