It appears Destiny 2's file size will be 68GB

The above picture comes from the Destiny 2 Beta page. To be clear, this is not a confirmation as the file size is just listed for the beta, and not the full game. But if Destiny 2 does end up taking 68GB on PS4, it would be one of the largest PS4 games ever!

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Holy crap. File sizes are getting out of hand. It would essentially require over 1/4th of the total default HDD to be cleared since you need roughly double the asking size in order to install (it obviously frees up later) and the HDD after initialization only has 407GB give or take a couple. The sad part is that it's probably required even for a physical version as well. Hopefully people who want this don't play like... any other games. Just wait until some expansions come around. Good lord...

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