Lgndary Thoughts - PS Now VS Xbox Game Pass

Playstation Now officially launched as a service in January of 2015. There are varying opinions about PS Now itself, but I won’t be talking about it directly today. Instead, let’s talk about it’s new competition. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The Xbox Game Pass is a new service that Microsoft has announced for the Xbox One. It is similar in concept to Playstation Now, but the execution is tremendously better. 

Here is how Xbox Game Pass works. Users get access to over 100 Xbox games. This includes both Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. Users don't actually stream those games, they instead get to download them directly to their console. And here is the real kicker, the service is priced at $10 per month. 

Let’s compare all of that to Playstation Now. Both allow users to subscribe to a Netflix like service where they can play from a catalogue of games. Both will offer current and last gen titles to choose from, so they are both even there. But the big difference comes with how the games are actually played. PS Now users have to stream their games. Yes, it means that they can be played instantly, but it also means that the experience is going to depend on your internet connection. It also means that a internet connection is required. On Xbox, however, the games are downloaded. This ensures a smooth gaming experience that isn’t dependent on internet at all times. 

Being able to download the games is already a huge plus in my eyes, but what really makes the difference is the price. Xbox Games Pass is a full 50% cheaper than PS Now. That is huge! That even pulls it right in line with video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. And actually, the biggest complaint regarding PS Now has been the price.

Of course, it is impossible to compare them fully until Xbox Game Pass launches, and Sony adds PS4 games to their service. But it isn’t hard to see that Microsoft has a much better service on their hands. But this is all actually really great for us Playstation fans. Now that Sony has a competitor, they are going to work much harder to improve PS Now. Hopefully a price cut is just around the corner, but only time will tell!

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I debated now, but with too many games to play I don't need it. :/ also... It's sooooo expensive out here (Canada) we don't have unlimited internet plans. We have data limits. streaming services end up becoming expensive if you can't afford a good plan. I have yet to go over. Not to mention currency exchange makes it a no go for me lol. I would like them to adopt the Microsoft style service, cheaper and no streaming. A lot of my friends have 100gb a month as their limit. Being a gamer sucks up here

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