Tales of Berseria Review Roundup


Tales of Berseria’s weak presentation and dull world design may not excite, but they only account for a piece of an otherwise enjoyable tale. The refined combat, and the darker tone, paired with the sinister characters, makes for a more engaging experience overall . In these ways, Tales of Berseria actually takes the series in an intriguing new direction.


Tales of Berseria does some interesting things, and is the most captivating Tales storyline in some time. I like the majority of its ideas, but the execution often feels half-realized. It still feels like the franchise isn't making big enough leaps, and is just content to bring its fans more of the same. By now, you probably know if you're okay with that. Nothing ever made me stop playing, but the flaws are impossible to ignore. 


As it stands, Tales of Berseria may not be the most ambitious or innovative JRPG, but that's perfectly okay. It makes up for this by providing a highly polished and entertaining experience, and I can say with absolute certainty that I'm excited to see this story through to its completion.

God is a Geek:

2017 is off to a strong start with some great games already out in just the first month. Bandai Namco Entertainment really impressed me with Berseria. With a couple of tweaks and fixes, they can really achieve great things with this franchise. I’m glad fan feedback was taken into account for this release. If you are in the mood for nice action RPG with great characters and addictive combat, Tales of Berseria is for you.


At the end of the day, it needs to be said: Berseria is a great game. It is truly the best Tales game released since 2011. It took the Xillia framework and polished it wonderfully. However, the game still plays it very safe and is largely unambitious. Many of its additions are less “additions”, and more things we have come to expect from this series that have been strangely missing since Xillia. I can't really imagine anyone being offended or put off by this game simply because of how safe it plays its hand....

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