Lgndary Thoughts - The Year Ahead

In my last thought, I talked about a few of my favorite games of 2016. But now 2017 has just started, so it is time to look forward and think about the things we hope to see happen during the next 12 months. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The first game I will talk about is Final Fantasy XIV. As some of you may know, a new expansion will hit Square’s MMORPG in just a few months. There are many things that I am looking for in Stormblood, but today I will talk about just one. 

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before or not, but my absolute favorite job in FFXIV is Dark Knight. I have been playing it since it released, and I can’t imagine playing anything else. I also love tanking as a Dark Knight, or at least, I love the idea of tanking. The way Square Enix wants players to tank, and the way they actually do are very different play styles. To me, tanking is all about holding the attention of the enemy, positioning the enemy, and most importantly, surviving damage. But because of the way that Square has built the game, tanks are required to do so much more.

The whole meta game surrounds dealing damage right now. Damage is literally the most important factor while raiding in FFXIV. It is so important, that even tanks and healers are expected to not only participate in damage dealing, but to deal as much damage as humanly possible. Tanks are even expected to build themselves as damage dealers, and play that way at the cost of health and defense. 

Now I could write 50 pages on everything I think is wrong with tanking in Final Fantasy XIV and what Square Enix should do to fix it, but I won’t bore you with those details. Instead, I will simply say that I very much hope Square takes a note from other MMOs and fixes tanking in the next expansion. I would love to be able to focus on my job, instead of juggling the responsibilities of two.  

That went on for a bit longer than I had wanted, so I will try to keep my next hope for 2017 short. This one isn’t about Sony, it is about the upcoming Nintendo Switch. 

The big reveal for all things Switch happens this Thursday, and I could not be more excited. One of my top hopes for 2017 is that Nintendo will find success with their upcoming console, and is able to deliver awesome games for fans and newcomers alike.

The Switch has a tremendous amount of potential, but it is going to require Nintendo to support it heavily from the very beginning. I have faith that they are going to impress us this week and beyond. 

A fix for tanking in Final Fantasy XIV, and a clean launch year for the Nintendo Switch are two of my biggest hopes for 2017. Now it is time to share what you are hoping for this year! So be sure to leave a comment below!

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The year ahead will be interesting because beyond March, I have no idea what to expect for the most part. I got South Park, Persona 5, Tales of Berseria and FFXII: Zodiac Age to play. However, I'm most interested in the Switch. Everything I've seen seems promising, but I'm waiting to see how Nintendo will handle the launch. They are on a bit of a rebound from being in the hole that the Wii/Wii U dug so if they can handle it better than they did those years (and the NES Classic launch for that matter), then I'm all for it. They are claiming 2 million at day 1, which isn't a terrible number considering the PS4 sold 1 million on its first day and 5 million after 3 months. I'm just hoping that Nintendo will try their best to assuage consumers' fears of shortages with more pre-orders over time. There is a lot of hype for this compared to most consoles/handhelds in recent years and the last thing they need is a severe supply constraint.

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