Lgndary Thoughts - Countering the Switch

I wrote about The upcoming Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago, and why it could be a threat to Sony. Today, I would like to talk about a couple of options that Sony has to counter Nintendo’s next console. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The largest benefit that the Switch has over Playstation is the hybrid nature of the system. Like I said in the first Switch Thought, the Switch will have a lot of appeal in places like Japan where portable systems are very popular. Having said that, I believe Sony has 3 options to counter it.

The first is launching their own dedicated handheld. Now I know that Sony does not have a good track record regarding portables, but with Nintendo leaving the market, they have more options than before. In the past, Nintendo has usually opted for weaker, more affordable systems. But even if the rumors of a $250 price point for the Switch are true, it will still be fairly expensive for users just looking to use it as a handheld. This could leave an opening for Sony to come in with a handheld for people that don’t want to spend much money. 

I don’t know exactly the form that a budget handheld should take. But I don’t think it would be difficult for Sony to release a device that is priced at $150-$170. Especially if they build off of the PS Vita. 

Option 2 is to pursue the idea of remote play in a more accessible way. The Nintendo Switch seems to be a fairly powerful device in a portable form, something that would not be possible 3 years ago when the PS4 launched. While I don’t believe the Switch is as powerful as a PS4, it isn’t ridiculous to think that a portable PS4 would be possible in a couple more years. Sony could try to take back the handheld market by launching a new console first, and then releasing a handheld version when the technology become available. 

Finally, they could simply ignore the Nintendo Switch. The PS4 is doing great, and any sort of new device from Sony could put that success at risk. The potential of the handheld market is huge, but while it may be going after, it is perfectly reasonable to simply focus on what they have going for them. 

At the end of the day, we are just going to have to wait and see. I’m sure that any decision Sony makes will be made after they see how the Switch actually performs. For all we know, they might already be planning a new device. Either way, I am very excited about the Switch, and I am also excited to see how other companies react to the device.  

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Sony should just not try to counter it. Let Nintendo have the handheld market. Yeah, the Switch is touting itself as a home console, but it's still a handheld, first and foremost. Sony has the home market... no need to jeopardize that with another Vita...

I agree with Jayvir. Sony shouldn't do anything, they should continue to focus on making PS4 as best as it can be.

I agree with the two above. Put petty console wars aside and just have them be separate systems. If their CEOs can enjoy the other consoles from time to time, why can't we? I know I have with my used PS3 offering me a ton of fun in the past month, despite me being a big nintendo fan.

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