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Happy Monday everyone! News was a little slow today, so I decided to write up a quick Thought for the sake of discussion. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

The holiday season is upon us, and it feels like there is a larger rush of games this year than most. And on top of all of the games coming out soon, we have several consoles that have released as well. The average consumer will certainly not be able to grab everything, and many people will have to pick and choose. Here are the games that I am looking forward too, and the priority list that I have.

The two larger items that have released recently is the PS4 Pro, and Playstation VR. Both cost the same, and they are both a bit on the pricier side. I have yet to purchase either yet, but I plan on getting a Pro before I get a VR headset. Now I know many people would reverse that, and understandably so. Playstation VR offers entirely new experiences, while the PS4 Pro simply enhances games that I can already play. But after thinking about it, that is exactly why I would prefer getting a Pro.

While the Playstation VR does offer something entirely new, that doesn’t mean they are good experiences. And they certainly aren't plentiful. VR is still new, and it is going to be awhile before we have a strong healthy library of great VR games. The PS4 Pro improves upon games that are already out, and games that we already know are amazing. Plus, it is much easier to create a PS4 Pro patch for a game than it is to create a PS VR game. 

Final Fantasy XV is actually one of the few games that I plan on getting this year, and it is also a large reason why I plan on getting a PS4 Pro. There are some games coming out that I want to play in their best of forms. Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, and many others will be supported. And I would very much prefer to play them on a Pro. 

Other than picking between the PS4 Pro and PS VR, I have narrowed down my priority list to two games. Final Fantasy XV, and Pokemon. Final Fantasy XV is an obvious one. I remember when it was announced way back in 2006. I have been waiting for this game for 10 years now, and I certainly don’t want to wait any longer than I have to. Even if that means having to wait on other games. 

Pokemon is also right there at the top. It is a Nintendo game, so I won’t go into detail, but I could never miss out on a new Pokemon adventure.

Well there you have it! There are tons of games, and even systems out this year. Here are the games that I have put at the top of my list, now it is your turn to share. So don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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I chose the VR, since I do not yet have a 4K TV, I feel that the Pro would be mostly wasted on me at the moment. Though, if I manage to get a good deal on a TV on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I would probably pick up the Pro after I paid off the VR.

I skipped on both VR and Pro, because the Switch will be a wholly new experience. Also, because of that, I too decided to just limit myself to FFXV and Pokemon for a long while.

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