New Site Feature: Customizable News Filters

Now, control the torrential firehose of news as you like!

A new site feature has been recently launched that allows you to better tailor your news experience. Are you tired of reading rumors? Want less of a certain analyst in your life? Maybe you really really don't want to see comics from this one place in your feed? Now, you have some control.

Go to edit your profile; the link is in the navigation bar atop the site. See the image below (Step 1) for reference.

Then, click on "Custom Filters" from the various options on the left. See the image below (Step 2) for reference.

From there you will see a form where you can customize your news experience while logged in. You can set the main page to filter the content it displays by categories, tags, games, and title content. You'll even have your own custom RSS feed.

A couple things to note:

* This feature is still relatively new. Most, if not all, bugs should be sorted out, but some could still creep up. We are notified automatically of any critical site errors and will try to fix them as soon as possible.
* Your filters only apply to your special RSS feed and the main page of the site. They will not apply to forum topics, notifications, or viewing stories by category, tags, games, etc via other methods.
* You will always be able to view any story if you know the URL.
* False positives and negatives can happen. What you see or don't see is completely dependent upon the story author accurately titling stories, setting categories, tags, games, etc. If you ever notice a mistake, feel free to use the "Fix this story!" link on every story..we'll even give you an assist credit for helping out.

Thoughts? Comments? Complaints? Let me know here or shoot me a PM.

Finally, a quick PSA:

Did you know? - If you're tired of seeing comments from certain users, you can make them disappear! Just click the little eye icon with a slash through it on one of their comments and that user won't show up anymore! That user will also not be able to reply to any of your comments nor send you PMs. You cannot use this feature on moderators, story authors, or cortjezter, but T27duck is fair game should you lack the mental strength to simply ignore him the old fashioned way.

Cheers and tears,

~cortjezter & t27duck

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