Lgndary Thoughts - What Are You Playing?

Plus an update!

My week long nightmare is over. I am not 100% settled quite yet, but I am moved, and I mostly have everything together. Unfortunately, I am in a temporary house until I can find one of my own, so I will have to do all of this over again eventually. Either way, I just want to thank everyone for their patience during this period. I tried to post to the site as much as I could, but I know it was nowhere near enough. 

For the time being, however, expect things to normalize. I will also be moving to improve things as much as I can in general, as well as start working on getting the ball rolling on more original content for you all. Like always, any kind of feedback is highly encouraged as I experiment to see what works best for GoingSony. Having said that, I would like to ask you all something else. What are you playing?

It has been quite some time since the last time I did this, so no one has any excuse not to share! As always, I will start with Final Fantasy XIV.

I have not had time for the past few weeks to play much of anything, and that includes Final Fantasy XIV. But I have worked hard to keep raiding on our normal schedule. We are currently working on Arm of the Son, and I am happy to say that our progress has been incredible. I know that many groups on my server spent months trying to clear it, but after just a few days, we have already got the boss down to 25% of his health. A clear should happen any day now!

I have also been working hard to continue practicing Street Fighter V. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am proud to say that I won my first ranked match just last week! I was afraid to even try for a long time, but I am glad that I finally took a chance. 

While I have been working on my usual games, I also started Hyper Light Drifter over the weekend! I have not been able to make much progress, but I am loving the game. The difficulty reminds me of Dark Souls, and the adventure nature of the game reminds me of Zelda. I am also shocked at how dark the game can be. Characters talk in pictures, and some of them cane rather graphic. I’m not complaining, it just feels weird seeing that kind of content in a pixel form.

That is all from me today. Like I said, thank you all for your understanding. I am going to be working harder than ever to make sure GoingSony grows into want I know it can be. Be sure to let me know of any ideas you have, and be sure to tell me what you’ve been playing in the comments below!


I have not been playing a whole lot of games, still slowing chipping away at EO2U and Setsuna. With Starbound officially being released, I put in some hours into that too. I also have been trying out the english patch of 7th dragon for the DS, seems pretty alright. Lastly, the new EO is coming out in Japan in about 9 hours, and I will definitely be muddling through the all the runes. Somehow.

But I have a week off work, so I will definitely putting in some serious game time now.

As usual I'm kind of ADD with my games and playing a variety. I got my Kickstarter codes for Ninja Pizza Girl and Hyper Light Drifter so I've spent some time with those, picked up Dragon Quest Heroes during the Amazon Prime sale, and then my usual amount of Battleborn and Diablo 3 co-op.

Trying to get olympics outfits in Overwatch since they're limited time only. Probably doing that for the next 3 weeks.

My life and soul has been devoured by Monster Hunter Generations. If I get time, I try to play a little bit of Battleborn, I Am Setsuna and Hyper Light Drifter.

I've been in a bit of a slump lately, not because of the games or gaming in general, but more because of personal issues.

Aside from Binary Domain's really enjoyable (online co-op) Invasion mode on the weekends, the only things I've played this last month are Men's Room Mayhem, and BreakQuest: Extra Evolution. Both plenty enjoyable for what they are, and both perfect for the kind mental investment I can offer. Which is essentially... none. ;) Great mindless, play-as-long-or-as-little-as-I-like-type games.

Overwatch, Hyper Light Drifter, Abzu.

I build games more than I play nowadays ;/ p4G though :D

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