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Hello everyone! Today's Thought is a very important one, and I really need people to read all of it. I would like to discuss the future of the site, and most importantly get feedback on what people, even those that don't visit often, would like to see. I will be giving away a $20 PS Store card for those that help as well. So please read on, and don't forget to leave a comment. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

I have been working on GoingSony for a little over 2 years now. I have loved every minute of it, but I admit that it has been incredibly difficult at times to balance the site with other aspects of my life, including my other job. I would like nothing more but to focus completely on the site entirely, but my financial situation doesn't allow for that, at least not yet. But either way, I would like to increase growth on the site consistently. I will be the first person to admit that I have not given GoingSony the attention it deserves, and that is what I want today to be about. Getting ideas from users and non-users, hearing what it would take to get more people on the site at a daily basis. I want to throw myself at the site, and do everything I can help it grow, but I need your help. 

For those that don't know, I am not the owner of the GoingSony. So I can't promise anything, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest something you may think is impossible. I mainly have control over the actual content of GoingSony, but I can pass on any site request up to the people that control that. Below are some of my own ideas for things that can be done. To be clear, I am not saying that these things will happen, or will happen in the exact way described. But I would like to hear your thoughts on each one, and see if I can get some good feedback.

Ending daily Lgndary Thoughts.

  • Lgndary Thoughts is something that I started doing early on. They were supposed to be a response to RMC's "End of Day Thoughts", but they ended up evolving into something more. I have written almost 500 of them now, and that is actually part of the problem. Many days it is really hard to find something to write about. I prefer to write about a recent topic, but there isn't always something going on. And every topic, recent or not, isn't always suited for even a short few paragraphs of discussion. It often means that I have to turn a couple of sentences into a few paragraphs. One potential idea I had was to have a Lgndary Thought about once a week. This would change a few things. I would be less pressured to write about something for the sake of writing. And each Thought would be higher quality, as I would never have to rush it out on a daily basis.

Quantity over quality posts

  • When I first started here on GoingSony, I literally posted anything and everything. It didn't matter what it was, or where it came from, I was going to post it. Over time, I moved away from this approach, and have tried to post things that I felt were more relevant, and less filler. But that doesn't mean that I am against trying to post more stories, even if they seem like filler. 

Quality over quantity posts

  • My time is limited, so when I post a story, I often post the core of a story and no more. A lot of other sites tend to have a write up for each post however, even if there is no new information. Gematsu.com is a great example of this. They don't post too many stories, but the ones that they do are very detailed. I'm not sure if the style of GoingSony is really set up for this, but it could be worth trying. 

A larger social media presence

  • GoingSony does actually have a Twitter account (go follow it!), but I have been hesitant to use it too much. If the only thing people do is follow the twitter account and see news there, it doesn't really help the site grow at all. But I would be interested in seeing if people would prefer a different direction. 

More original content

  • This one might be tricky, but more original content could be something that would help. What I like about the daily Lgndary Thoughts is that there is something original on the site every day. If I were to switch to only having a Thought once a week, I would feel the need to fill that gap with something else. I wouldn't be able to guarantee something new everyday, but having more original content in general would be good. A weekly comic is something that I have thought about doing. I know an artist, and we have talked about him collaborating with the site before. There would be some details that we would have to iron out, but it is something that could work. A weekly livestream is something else that I have considered doing. But I don't really know where to start as far as what I would actually be playing. Do people want to see an older game that not very many people are streaming at the time? Or would it be better to stream something newer even though everyone else is doing the same thing?

These are just a few of the ideas that I have had. I really want people to give me feedback about these, and more. There are no limits and no one should be hesitant to provide any kind of feedback, even if you think it is something that isn't possible. Feedback can be left in any way. A comment can be left below, you can send me a private message through the site, you can send me an email at Goingsony@gmail.com, and you can even leave a message on Twitter. For those that leave feedback, you will automatically be put in the running to win a $20 Playstation Store card. And the method that you leave feedback does not affect your eligibility. The card is a NA PSN card, and it will be sent to a randomly selected person early next week. 


Sat Jul 09 16 01:30am
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I know just in terms of comparison, there are not nearly as many news updates as there are per day on GoNintendo. I personally notice a lot of updates that pertain to your interests lgnd (Paragon and FFXIV mostly, at least recently) and that's fine, but there's a LOT more than just that that gets glossed over. I know you got your own life too to pay attention to so you can't always post EVERY article but it might be a big factor. If the news people are looking for just isn't covered, then why would they come here? I usually have to go to two or three other sites simply because no one covers the likes of Battleborn or NIS games. I get that Sony is a big label to cover and you need to draw the line somewhere but it helps to broaden the spectrum. I'm not sure how much help you have when it comes to posting stories, but even just one extra person could greatly increase the variety. I do know that GoNintendo often skews to the other extreme and posting news about complete shovelware (anything by RCMADIAX, cough). Just kind of an example.

Original content is something I think I've mentioned before as a suggestion and it really does help if you have something that can't be found anywhere else. Analysis of hot new trailers or weekly discussions about recent news topics are a great place to start. Even doing something like GoingSony developer interviews go a long way as well. I know most companies love to get press to pay attention to their projects, especially if they are a smaller studio. All it needs to be is a simple email or IM interview. Hell, even just doing more personal reviews would be nice. I'm sure even people like myself would be more than willing to submit reviews as well to alleviate the stress of playing EVERY game at launch like mad. Even when it comes to Lgndary Thoughts, don't force it. Do it as a weekly thing if you want to keep it. If you don't have things to talk about, then what's the point?

Sat Jul 09 16 07:02am
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We do allow users to submit stories that aren't posted yet, though it does kind of assume a large enough active readership to be of real value.

On the other hand, even just a few submissions might introduce us to new sources and get more of those stories that would diversify coverage. Sony seems like it would be a lot to cover, but compared to the vibrant history, etc of Nintendo, it's always a fraction of what GN has available to cover.

Please feel free to suggest additional sources or sites you visit that could save you some time having to check separately😎

For active or interested enough users, I would consider bringing on a junior editor to give Hero a little break.

I do know that I've submitted news tips before and for whatever reason they were not posted so I stopped doing so. Maybe it was something on my end or maybe not.

Sat Jul 09 16 04:50pm
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I just used their suggestion box the other day and didn't even get a response just assumed it was something they didn't want covered maybe their PHP is broken.

Really? I (and Hero) see every thing that comes in, but I haven't seen anything from you. Would you mind trying again just to make sure our code (not PHP 🤓) is working? We get feedback from other users just fine, so I'm curious...

Sun Jul 10 16 05:33pm
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Hey, I will get right on that. Also, I just guessed your mail system may have been PHP based as that seemed like the most obvious :P. Guess I ended up sounding stupid instead lmao.

So what is it using? Ajax?

Ruby, mostly. T27duck is the code mastermind. Still don't know how he makes my crazy ideas happen..

Thank you for your comment! I actually try really hard not to be bias with Final Fantasy XIV. I do post maintenance details, but other than that I try to stray away.

But to address your comment concerning my interest, I do agree with you on that. But it is difficult to try and grab everything. A lot of the stories I post are ones that that I am personally interested in because those are the ones I see the most. Even if I didn't work here at GoingSony, I would still see those stories. It is difficult to be 100% aware of all Sony news.

Either way, I do need to work harder to dive into more games, and the news that goes with them. Thanks again!

I don't think I've had a problem with the content being posted. My main problem is that GoingSony doesn't have as active of a community as GoNintendo. I don't know how that can be fixed.... a lot of the GN viewers are probably Nintendo fans who only want to visit a Nintendo site.

Sat Jul 09 16 03:01pm
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I can see it getting hard to write the legendary thoughts, Maybe write it once a week instead or have a daily poll or something? We could always spark some topics if you ever need them. This site wasn't too active before, but having no site to talk to gamers on I decided to just comment on here more and more. I check here daily like gonintendo.

Also count me out on the gift card (Canada and USA have a region lock for those)

Sat Jul 09 16 04:49pm
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First off don't worry about the gift card I would feel bad getting it

Now on topic: I've been following this site since almost it's birth a few years ago and you definitely definitely need a more active community. Having a healthy active group increases traffic (people have friends a healthy user base continues coming back for discussion) I'm not an expert on this. I plugged you in a thread on gaf a while back but it didn't really seem to do anything outside of people making a few suggestions like original content. The trick is to get yourself out there somehow.

I am personally a fan of comics and videos. Comics are easy to spread around the internet and they get people interested in the source same with videos (it's why I follow explosm and and TheOatmeal). I would personally lead more towards high quality gaming themed comics. Let's play videos or podcasts or whatever would be the next best thing IMO. Maybe if you could reach Meme status like RMC lol. Basically you just need to be noticed and having content outside the site that could bring people back to it is a good first step.

Once they are on the site you need to keep them there though this is where on site content comes into play.

I would love if I was capable of helping personally but my education in web design and a few strong opinions on some subjects probably doesn't help your site lol. Although on that topic of help from others perhaps more writers? I would be willing to do some free work in my spare time although I'm no journalist. Your coverage tends to be a bit anemic at times and I'm sure it's partly because of how hard it is for one person (you also mentioned higher quality content as opposed to dumps). As you mentioned quantity or quality and honestly I think quantity is most important but have a few posts that are somewhat high quality with opinions or writeups mixed in. Both are key IMO.

There are lots of Sony fans out there who would definitely be interested in a content aggregation site like this (a little off topic but how does this site stay afloat without ads?) but they don't know you are here. While I could keep going on I'm starting to feel like I'm rambling so in summary I believe three things could help you.

1. A community that exists and is active
2. Original Content outside the site to bring people to the site
3. More robust coverage including quantity and quality.

This is actually my number one site that I check for Sony news. I check it daily like gonintendo. You definitely don't need to have a talk on the daily basis I really don't understand how gonintendo does it on platforms with significantly less content than PlayStation. Once a week is fine and if there is lots of news you can easily choose to break that rule. As others have said the number one problem may be the small community or what appears to be a small one. Oh yeah if you can talk about Overwatch more that would be cool cause I'm going to be playing it near daily until the PS5 comes out lol.

I'm liking everyone's ideas. A few extra thoughts...

  • GN goes quantity over quality, 100%. Consider it our homage to the Nintendo seal of quality. If we focus on this for GS, I still worry that there just aren't 120+ PlayStation-related stories per day out there.
  • We use a short list of resources for finding stories; based on GN's, but obviously a lot of platform specific places are left off. Please let us know any other gaming
  • (general) or PlayStation sites you visit, so we can grow our coverage.
  • Somewhat off topic, but I'm thinking of returning to the States this fall; it would allow me to help build the site and help in other ways that I simply don't have time or a matching schedule to do now from Japan.
  • Hero expressed interest in doing a podcast or let's play type videos a couple years ago. Not that he has tons of time for it now
  • (and I'm not trying to volunteer him), but would anyone be interested in that kind of stuff... What if we invited users to participate in the recording (not just reading comments from stories or a chat room)? The podcast on GN definitely helped grow a loyal community at launch almost 11 years ago.
  • Keep the ideas coming! Also feel free to pass along any referrals of people who might like their work featured on a site like this
  • (or if you happen to be a cartoonist, etc.).

Thanks again, everyone!

Sun Jul 10 16 02:34am
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Sorry to hear the Thoughts are getting down-scaled, I may not comment often, but I do read them. Also, even if you do not do daily Thoughts anymore, at least keep the music coming.

I think a podcast would be great. I remember it got thrown on the table sometime back, in a similar topic to this one, but nothing came of it.

Also, what about getting more of the community involved with things, like having user submitted reviews or lets plays? Onikafei mentioned a daily poll, perhaps submissions for that? Also, on the note of polls, they can be used to gauge the interests of visitors to the site, which can be used to bring out more relevant content.

Lastly, the forums have not been touched in a good 9 months. Perhaps we all could start using them again?

Sun Jul 10 16 02:52am
(Updated 1 time)


We already have a way for users to write reviews; the original intention for this site feature was to call out at least one per week as part of a "reader review Friday" type thing and promote one user's stuff to the blog (and get big points in our as yet unfinished reputation system (a more practical version of forum ranks), but if someone were to submit a review to the blog, I'd have no trouble posting them.

Does anyone in our community already do let's play vids? Give me a shout if so!

To be clear, Lgndary Thoughts changing from daily to weekly has not been set in stone. I was simply throwing it out there as a possibility. But thank you so much for the feedback!

I'm usually willing to help in a lot of ways but I know for example I don't have any way to record gameplay unless it's specifically through either my PC or PS4 (Capture cards are expensive!). Similarly, I wouldn't have any objections to helping with any sort of recording depending on what it entails and schedule-wise. Obviously I work my own full-time job too but I'm typically more free than most people are it seems.

In regards to the podcast situation. I did really want to do it, and I actually bought equipment, and even recorded an episode. But I consider myself a bit of a perfectionist, and I didn't think the quality was where it needed to be for me to put it out there. I ended up dropping the idea because it would take an insane amount of work and coordination for, what I perceived, to be a small amount of interested people. I am leaning towards doing a Let's Play series, or just streaming in general. But if the demand is there now, I would certainly revisit it.

Sun Jul 10 16 10:16pm
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I'm willing to help if asked. (btw I put in a test suggestion as requested)

As for sources that cover Sony Content

Operation Rainfall http://operationrainfall.com/

Niche gamer http://nichegamer.com/

Siliconera http://www.siliconera.com/

Hardcoregamer http://www.hardcoregamer.com/

I love GoNintendo's quantity over quality style and would like to see the same thing here. More sony related comics, youtube videos, fun rumors labelled as rumors, etc. I like having a sea of random little tidbits to scroll through. Since GN's so popular I'd do what RMC does and post as much as possible.

I do think that have a larger amount of post is worth something, but I am incredibly hesitant to post rumors. So many sites have awful reputations because they post any rumor they hear just for the page clicks. I don't want to fall into that trap, and that is why I only post the rumors that have a lot of evidence behind them.

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