Lgndary Thoughts - EA and Bethesda's Press Conferences

E3 has officially begun, and Bethesda and EA have already had their press conferences! There have already been a ton of announcements made, and many more to go, so I decided to make a brief impressions post regarding both Bethesda and EA. Welcome to Lgndary Thoughts!

EA went first yesterday, so I will talk about them first. If you are a long time reader of the site, you probably know that I was very disappointed in what they showed yesterday. I have been waiting for a true Mass Effect: Andromeda announcement for years. Now that we are less than a year away from launch, I knew that this had to be the year that Bioware finally shows us what they have been working on up close. Well, I could not have been more wrong. We did get to see footage of the game, but it was in the form of a behind the scenes video. 

Here is the thing I don’t understand, if Mass Effect Andromeda is coming out early next year, why is it that we have yet to get a real trailer? We know more about other games that are coming out after Andromeda. It honestly makes me suspicious of when this game is actually going to launch.

Bethesda was much more impressive. One of my wishes actually came true! Just this past Friday I said that I would love a Skyrim PS4 port if they increased the visuals, and added mod support. And they did both! I actually find it funny that one of my most anticipated games is one that I have already played, but mods will bring new life to the game that console players have yet to experience. 

Dishonored II also looks incredible. I am a huge fan of the first one, and I could not be more impressed with what I have seen so far. Dishonored is all about choices, and finding your own way through the game. The sequel appears to give players more choice than ever, and that is nothing but a good thing. 

I am also very interested in Prey. I know nothing of the series, and the new trailer didn't show much of anything, but it certainly has my attention. 

Overall, I was pretty happy with Bethesda’s showing at this year’s E3. They had new games to show, and even new versions of old games. EA on the other hand, did very poorly. I actually wasn't impressed with anything of their’s, and I could only walk away unimpressed. What did you all think of these 2 press conferences? Let me know in the comments below!

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